July 26, 2014

She Wanted More. {Poem}

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She wanted

more than fingertips
tracing, fluttering against her back.

She wanted
more than a breath
along her shoulder, over her lips.

She wanted
more than familiarity
in a hand that barely touched her hips.

She wanted
more than a smile,
softness at the edges, grace in the giving.

She wanted
to pull her spirit
down through her toes into the soil that’s damp and sweet after a summer rain.

She wanted
more than a whisper
along her ear, delivering secrets only she could hear.

She wanted
more than a pause
in between the breaths, and the expectations.

She wanted
more than her mind
gave into the not giving.

She wanted
more than simplicity
in the acts of honesty, as words, sometimes, cannot carry the enormity of a heart.

She wanted
more than a re-do
in the art of caring, sharing mistakes
like dimes, not pennies, flicked across a fountain’s pool,
knowing she’ll never really get all of her ten wishes from the dime,
maybe one,
if she is so lucky,
so she tries
knowing she wanted


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Editor: Emily Bartran

Image: Pixoto

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Read 3 comments and reply

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