July 26, 2014

So much better than twerking…

These two videos touch on a wow tradition–beautiful and non-sexual but amazing hula and Tahitian dance.

Info from MsChrissi: Hula/Tahitian dancer here, yes she is really moving her hips that way. In competition, it’s common to prohibit the dancer from wearing additional tassels or feathers adorning the hips – it hides how good of a dancer you really are. The ability to isolate your hip movements during a fa’arapu takes skill and practice.

I’m not familiar with belly dancing, but the more pronounced moves she performed are the Ta’iri, Varu and Fa’arapu. Varu is the figure-8 movement, which is similar to belly dancing, but again I am not familiar with that style of dance. Keep your feet planted, shoulders still and hips moving.
Hula and Tahitian tend to be terms used synonymously. Although based on similar principles since Hawaiians originated from Tahiti, Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian are vastly different dance genres. Just a little extra knowledge. 🙂

I think my immediate dissatisfaction for the comparison to twerking is Tahitian and Hula are built on sacred traditions. Hula is danced to tell a story and the history behind it is fascinating. We train for years perfecting dance moves, isolation, breathing and it’s like leg day everyday. 🙂


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