July 21, 2014

The Anatomy of a Home Meditation Space. ~ Kate Connell


My husband and I recently downsized.

With our move we lost a garage, a few bedrooms and a glorious, bliss-filled yoga and meditation space. As we were gearing up to make the transition, although semi-nervous, my thought was that my practices were flexible (yoga teacher joke!) and could be modified as needed with relationship to our new digs—and I was right.

My physical yoga space has moved around a few times as I’ve gotten used to the flow and energy of the house, but I’ve finally settled into a beautiful meditation space—a shelf, of all things!

Know this—your meditation space or altar does not have to be ornate, an entire room devoted to your zen, or completely designed and manifested in a single day. In fact, you don’t even need a special space for your practice at all, but most of us have fun in the act of defining a container for our powerful self-work. For those of you looking to create or enhance your meditation space, these tips are for you.

Suggestions for a Home Altar

  • Something to sit on
  • A meditation cushion
  • A yoga prop that enhances your sukhasana-–a pillow, bolster, blanket, rolled up mat or block
  • A handmade cushion that you got with a gift card off of Etsy that you adore like a second fur child
  • Something beautiful
  • A candle in an ornate jar or vase
  • A gift that holds meaning and is gorgeous—like a frame or crystals or a devotional figure
  • A petite flower arrangement
  • Something meaningful
  • A set of mala beads that have a powerful intention
  • A print out of your favorite quote scrawled with a few desires or intentions for your practice or a greeting card that you adore
  • Photos of your most loved one
  • Something whimsical
  • A tiny patterned dish that collects your intentions
  • A potion of your favorite essential oils blended into your signature ‘meditation mix’
  • A little figurine that makes you laugh with joy

What’s the anatomy of your home meditation space?

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