July 14, 2014

Trash into Treasure: Bird in Upcycled Nest. ~ Char Evans {Adult}


Eco Art Installations, a Not-For-Profit enterprise, has just created their latest art installation in a forest in Liguria, Italy.

“Bird in Upcycled Nest” was designed to raise awareness of recycling issues and to illustrate our inherent connection to the Earth.

The art installation consisted of a giant nest created out of recycled and natural materials and featured one of the artists wearing a Kundalini design painted onto her body. The Kundalini design is a symbol for energy that lies dormant until it is activated.

The wood and leaves for the nest were foraged from the forest, whilst the recycled materials were sourced from local rubbish bins in Imperia town. They included: a car wing, plastic and glass bottles, polythene bags, clothes, mirror fragments, boxes, packets and even a mini crucifix found on the street.

The artists involved were myself, Serena Volpe, Riccardo Bandiera—official photographer, Giorgio Montanari and Davide Staunovo Polacco of Produzioni Chidakasha.

IMG_6544_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6545 IMG_6559_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6571_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6606_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6610_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6616_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6623_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6648_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6653_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6661_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6679_riccardo-bandiera-2 IMG_6705_riccardo-bandiera IMG_6706_riccardo-bandiera


Here’s a short video documentary of the installation, filmed and produced by Produzioni Chidakasha. Thanks to Maurizio.

After the installation had been created and documented the artists returned the recycled waste to local bins, whilst the giant nest carcass of wood and leaves was left for animals or local ramblers to discover!

Manufacturers along with governments and consumers are key players for global progress in waste recycling. Initiatives such as the World’s first Waste-to-Biofuels and Chemical Facility in Edmonton, Canada are very inspiring!

Eco Art Installations also recently created an art installation involving over 100 people in Auroville, India and are now on their way to the Amazon Rainforest to create their next big one.


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Photos: Eco Art Installations

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