August 5, 2014

A Night Torn. ~ Arene Maria Windolph {Poem}

Photo: Marianna Armata on Pixoto.

Moving in circles through my mind

Senseless thoughts beneath that which worries me
Walking in the dark, tripping on remote controls
I don’t know where I’m going.
The days pass and I’m aging
I’m older in my mind than my years
Not ready to come to terms
My head spins and I’m sick
Sick in body and sick in heart
The conflict is deep and my refuge is fading
Little things to keep the sanity
Paint the room and tasks one to next
Clear path becomes twisted memory

This relationship…it bleeds me of myself

He stirs in his sleep and I am startled
Please don’t say a thing
There’s too many words here filling space
The beauty holy mission is blocked
He doesn’t know that he’s to blame
Torn between the mundane existence
Normal to those that live it
Choices made long ago and a life that I live inside now
That which call me and I know I must go
Too close to the waters edge I went
I swim in samsaric circles
He will hurt and not understand
Wish that it would be made right without my effort
That the sun would burn away the distance between us
Or the waves would carry us naturally apart

I can’t say goodbye
He won’t follow
He doesn’t know me…not my heart
And I’m sure I let things go too far
Rest now, rest and wait for a time
Time to slowly tiptoe away
Or a convergence of his ordinary life and the one that I belong:
Beyond concepts, words, or reason,




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Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Photo: Marianna Armata on Pixoto.

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