August 24, 2014

Dead Poets Society: Robin Williams Tribute Poem. ~ Jen Schriewer

Photo: Krassy Can Do It via Flickr.

A thinking one

The ship is sinking one

See the bright side then

The light goes dim again.

Keep smiling though

You feel like crying so

No one wants to see.

Be who they need you to be.

Do your best they said

Face in the books you’ve read

Reading what’s in the gaps

The white lines drawing your map.

A road less travelled by

It’s hard to explain your why.

You feel things deeper

Below the surface emotion seeker.

The tormented muse

With the short temper fuse.

Tap into that well

Where the feelings dwell.

Use that energy for good

Because you are so misunderstood.

The artists, the poets, the dreamers are we

How we wish they could see what we see.

They too could feel the joy and pain

Not everything would be so mundane.

We are the color in your skies

The ones to always ask why.

When the rain falls on your face

We are the ones who tell you to taste.

Feel everything that life can give

So when it is done you can say “I lived.”



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Apprentice Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Krassy Can Do It via Flickr

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