August 4, 2014

Dharma. ~ Arene Maria T. Windolph {Poem.}

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Too deep to know if it conveys its true meaning

So simple, so pure

Really even...celestial, and to hear is enough to prompt awakening,

The seeds of truth are scattered

They fall where they do

If the ground is fertile, they take root.

If the ground is dry and barren,


What then?


I have been given everything there is

And still yet, a handful of seeds

I hope to hold onto them tightly,

But I know I can’t, least I nurture these immeasurables

Cradle these diamonds in my heart.


Use Them.


Or the winds of change will take this rare gift away from me

And I will have gone to the land of precious jewels and returned empty handed.


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Apprentice Editor: Marcee Murray King/Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Courtesy of Author

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