August 7, 2014

Don’tcha Just Love Yoga Newbies? ~ Michael Mark {Poem}


The way they stumble around, searching

for their spot in the studio,

and close their eyes to go inward

while their antennas are set on super high sensitivity—

eyelids twitching like they’re getting

electric shocks


And how they smile extra brightly

at the teacher,

hoping for kind attention


I love how they fall behind in the flows,

pausing awkwardly to catch on, then

rushing too fast,

having to switch legs, like day-old foals.


And the teacher has to repeatedly

adjust them on the same pose,

embarrassing them with the kindness

they so wanted earlier and now regret

having put out into the universe.


Of course the best is when

they knock into someone

and the teacher comes over to

whisper sweetly, Just take some breaths

in child’s pose,

and they crumble into themselves,



And they look up just a bit, like a turtle,

to see

if anyone notices, and I smile at them

from Extended Side Angle

and they think, Oh he is so kind


And I love most how every time,

every one of them,

can always do at least

one pose better than me.


They are all my courageous teachers,

offering the life lesson:

always be a beginner.


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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Pixoto/Satria Yoga


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Read 2 comments and reply

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