August 1, 2014

She speaks to me in many forms. ~ Lyndsay Fleming {Poem}


I let the breeze whisper tenderly in my ear, telling me the stories of the Universe.

She had returned, calling to me again.
Everything moved in slow motion around me.
The trees beckoning me to come closer.
As I walked slowly toward them, the branches lowered and opened as if to embrace me, welcoming me into their world.
I swayed back and forth to their rhythm.
Giving into the energy that was pulling me.
In that moment, I felt my heart. It was beating so strong, telling me I was home again.
I was safe.
I was connected to something much larger than myself.
The energy moved up into my feet then travelled with a gentle force through my body.
Every hair stood on end, my body became so aware of her.
I felt everything yet felt nothing at all.
I gave myself to her again and knew I was loved.
She speaks to me in many forms.
Always calling me back home.
My Mother.

She will heal you if you give yourself to her. Even for just a moment.
Her love will touch your soul to depths you never felt possible.
She will feed your hunger.
She will fill the void and longing in your heart.
Lay with her and she will envelop you.

Our Mother.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Melissa Morse/Pixoto

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Read 1 comment and reply

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