August 23, 2014

The Best Eco-Friendly Fabrics for Comfort & Style. ~ Annabel Taylor

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Years ago, clothes were created to last and designs were classic.

Today, trends are changing—the materials are inexpensive and disposable closets marked. The move towards living a natural lifestyle today includes purchasing eco-friendly clothing.

Producers are finding that the eco-friendly clothing market must be served because consumers’ interest in helping the environment has erupted during the last five years and with a valid reason.

Compromise can sometimes be made by living in an eco-friendly manner. However in some cases, we just can’t compromise. Looking great and wearing fashionable clothes is more than just a fashion statement for many of us; it is the secret to helping us feel assured. There have been eco-friendly dresses around for a very long time that use natural products, but many seem just too old-fashioned to walk in daily.

Happily, there are natural materials that aren’t just fully biodegradable, but can be used to create clothes as fashionable as with contemporary artificial fabrics such as nylon.


Bamboo is an unbelievable substance; it grows without herbicides, fertilizers or any help by man. It is also the fastest growing plant on earth, so picking it does not damage the environment at all. Bamboo is a grass and as such can reach a maximum height in just a few months and needs almost no water. It can disperse quickly over a big region. In addition, within a short time, it will help to improve the quality of inferior land and also grows in places where no other crop can take root.

Bamboo dresses are flexible and very versatile. Effective clothing including bamboo yoga wear is very popular because the substance itself is perfect for sports activities. The dresses do not give off the feeling that it is knitted. It extracts as hemp and other ‘natural’ substances.

Bamboo dresses are also anti-static, absorbs and evaporates perspiration faster than artificial materials, and it does not stick to the skin. It is also highly breathable in hot weather permitting air to pass through it to keep you cool. Conversely, it can also retain heat during cool weather, helping to keep you warm.


Luxury and high fashion junkies, rejoice!

Silk is natural because it is formed by silk worms, not chemically established, artificial processing. Silk cloth has an unbelievable aptitude of retaining heat. It is not difficult to get the appearance that is correct. Blouses and silk tops are found in an extensive collection of designs that are dramatic. It is easy to find silk garments in right length or style, and the perfect size, sleeve or neckline.

They look fantastic on young girls, tiny women and women of a bigger size. What makes them unique are the inimitable designs and blouses. The extent of colors and patterns from which to select is limitless.

Today, many people in the US wear eco-friendly, stylish dresses for formal events and look great. All of us can make the decision to try some stylish, eco-friendly clothes and therefore look great, keep fit and protect the environment all in one go.

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Apprentice Editor: Jamie Khoo / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: inger maaike / Flickr Creative Commons

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