August 24, 2014

The Light of Other Days. ~ Boyd Lundrigan {Poem}


Travelling through the void
Of empty space and time,
Comes the light of other days
And with it, her presence.

From another world she comes;
I know not where it is,
I only know she walks in my dreams.
As her eyes blaze through my night,
She drifts near me, lighting up my world,
And in them, I see forever.
Her lips are moist like the morning dew.
Her smile sends beams of white light through me,
Piercing my frail armour, into my soul.
Her face fills my sky; she is inside of me.
Her warm embrace melts my heart
And I am lost to this world forever.
Gentle butterflies fill my core.
Hungry kisses forge two hearts into one
As I hold her gentle face.
Lost forever in her quiet fullness,
I completely surrender.
As our souls merge, exploding fire
Erupts into each other.
Oblivious to all else, our senses heightened,
We become a union of writhing bliss as our bodies entwine.
Sweet delights as her curves encompass me.
Nothing matters but here tonight.
Freedom is found, hopes are realized,
And through it all, I continue to fall,
And before I land, surrender my mind to bliss.
A mile a minute, forever free
As we live for each other here on our sun.
Tonight I want for nothing more
As I’m lost in the sweetness of your world.
My soul is lifted and it can never come down.
This fire is permanent abandon; union.
You have broken the bonds of my earth
And I am forever free to roam;
Forever free to feast in your garden.
As the blood courses, the fevers rise,
We release all inhibitions,
All tensions and each other,
And I am lost to this world,
But found in another.
The floodgates are open
And heavenly bliss rushes in.
I desire to wander, to explore,
To drink of your beauty
As we ride a wave of spiritual newness,
Physical bliss and emotional overload.
Tonight there is no right and wrong,
No space, no time,
Only sweet abandon; total connection
To each other and ourselves
As I surrender to you,
And the light of other days.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Katsuhiro Kaneko/Pixoto

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