August 13, 2014

Wild Woman: 5 Ways to Un-domesticate. ~ Robin Lee


“As long as a woman is forced into believing she is powerless and/or is trained to not consciously register what she knows to be true, the feminine impulses and gifts of her psyche continue to be killed off.”

~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The true nature of the divine feminine is untamed, uncaged and endlessly wild.

Feminine energy, or goddess nature, is born from and in the ability to create.

All humans, men included, embody this energy as well as the masculine, to maintain a balance. However, in our current way of living, being and breathing as a collective, we still have many areas in which the feminine has been slowly demolished.

Oftentimes, the presence of feminine energy has been deemed something that does not contribute to societal evolution. We have seen the instances in which it is absent, and we are aware of the consequences.

All destruction and violence is born from deep confusion and profound disconnection, it is also a direct result of imbalance. We deeply need the actions of the creative, the passionate, the empathetic and the intuitive for our world to function in a way which is of service to the highest good of all beings.

In a society which has deemed emotion a sign of weakness, one that is certainly not welcome in the pseudo-influential realm of politics, we are starved for true understanding. We watch as well-suited harbingers of global horror describe the ways in which we will retaliate against each other in an effort to find peace.

In an effort to find balance, we seek to destroy.

The underlying issue, as I see it, is less about those who are taking action and pointing the finger. There is no proselytizing here. What is of interest is the opposite way of approaching our interactions, so that we may invite a new way of being rather than focus on destroying what presents itself.

What we focus on, and bring our attention to, presents itself promptly. In the process, everything else must fall away. This is as true in all facets of nature as it is between you and I.

You were wild once, don’t let them tame you.

The call is for a return. The action is a welcoming. This call is specific to women, though it is the divine birthright of all beings to return to our true nature. The means for un-domestication is to return to balance.

The five principles below are the places from which we must spring forth into action, to start conjuring and cradling the instances where we notice these paradigms and energies come alive:

1. Intuition

This is our vibrant wellspring, the floods within us which splash and rage with warmth and wisdom.

As women, we vibrate on a level of deep knowingness. We sense things. Perhaps you have noticed that your “gut feelings” are spot on. Perhaps you have noticed how, when you don’t listen to them, you end up feeling like you made the wrong decision… This is our psychic and visceral connection to each other, when we tap into this place we tap into a limitless vault of ancient wisdom and whispers of truth. Often, they are not so loud as our thoughts, which is where the challenge lies.

To begin to tap into your intuition if you are feeling disconnected: spend time alone. You must be in a quiet stillness to start to pickup on the messages being given to you. Journal, dance, meditate, run, sing, get all immersed in Mama Gaia.

All of these wise sentiments are waiting to be heard, we just need to shake off the false knowingness which comes from external conditioning.

2. Passion

We are deeply sensitive, emotional creatures.

Wild women do not fear feeling it all. We must know that to be an adventurer means to welcome all possible instances, even those that don’t feel good, and to continue treading forth with dedication and an open heart.

Our passion is the fuel to our sparking, burning fires.

We both embody and contain this fire, it is the essence of our femininity. We are fiercely caring and endlessly devoted to that which we feel connected to. This is a gift, though often it may appear a hindrance.

We feel loss and abundance with equal fortitude, and we are willing to go to the far corners of the earth for the sake of being close to what we love.

Passion is what drives revolutions. Passion is what changes the world.

Passion is unfaltering in the face of adversity, and it is a cornerstone of our very nature. We can choose to tap back into our deeply passionate nature, to reject rejection and fear and watch dreams unfold.

3. Sensuality

Often this word gets misconstrued as being strictly related to sexuality, and while that is an area of our prowess also, this focus is more on deep connection with our physicality.

Our bodies are a vessel for something so much larger, more beautiful and more expansive that it cannot be contained. While we are in these homes, we must honor them in the best ways we know how. I think, first and foremost, this means to reject any notions of anyone else knowing how best to do so. I think it means reverting back to numbers one and two.

Channeling your passion and your intuition to form a connection and build radical self-love is positively imperative.

Through deep understanding and awareness, our sensuality becomes a point of personal power. Our lives become richer, our joy becomes more abundant, our happiness becomes inevitable. Sight, sense, touch, taste, sound—all five senses, when engaged with discernment and dedication, can provide a whole new experience.

To truly live life unleashed, we must reject any shame or criticism around living fully in our bodies.

Mindful and empowered sensuality is key to claiming personal power and releasing our inner wild freedom.

4. Creativity

I’m a firm believer that every human is an artist.

In this case, as creators of life, women are artists by default. Our innate understanding of the birthing process makes our ability to produce works of art of any nature that much more powerful. Our Shakti, our divine feminine creative energy, is alive and kickin’ at all times but is easily muted by the bullshit drain and drone of daily stress and grind.

We’ve got to circumvent the annihilation of our creative energy by tapping into it regularly.

It does not matter if you are “not a” writer, painter, gardener, yoga teacher or (insert your word here). Your art is whatever brings you alive.

It could be that you create experiences for others, or meals, or code, or understandings. Wherever your creativity lies, focus on it, breathe life into it and let it pull you back to a place of embodied goddessness.

Take breaks to infuse your day with wild abandon—belting it out on your commute home, dancing in your underwear while you make dinner, drawing before bed, writing absolutely anything or assembling a to-die-for breakfast in the morning.

Create with meticulous love and awareness. Tend the fire. No rules, all freedom.

5. Resilience

Our true, wild nature is indestructible. At times, it may become softened by the blows of the ebb and flow of life. This is natural.

Everything is cyclical, and just as the moon waxes and wanes, so too will our propensity to be outward or inward. Either way, we are bound to the cycles of nature so tightly that we are emboldened by birth.

Our resilience is the most remarkable facet of our beings, because it is indicative of how all of our many star parts function in such perfect alignment at all times. No matter what the Universe throws at us, we will continue to explode into bright and perfect freedom.

To come to this understanding is a choice, but there is no power in giving our choice away to that which seems to threaten us.

Change is the only constant, and as Wild Women, we deal with this remarkably well, because our inner adventuress is always ready. Our resilience is what allows us to, time and time again, transcend fear to continue to give love with such fervor that the whole world illuminates. We see this every day.

It is my hope that we can collectively begin to tune in more intently to the call of the Wild, the place from which we are able to leap and dismantle everything we have ever been told about who we are supposed to be.

It is my hope that our Sisterhood of Beautiful Badasses can continue to grow as we support each other in rejecting the forms of oppression which manifest out of deviating from our true nature. Through conditioning or otherwise, our balance is thrown off when we neglect our truth.

It is my hope that we can all come to a deep knowing that we are limitless, that we are free, that we are wild, and that this is our state of grace.




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