September 4, 2014

About #yogaeverydamnday & Other Hashtags. ~ David Flores

Photo: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas via Flickr

The clash between social media and yoga has been either the worst or best thing that has happened to yoga in the last decade.


Because the recent flood of smartphones has flooded countless servers with #yogaselfies and websites dedicated entirely to the majesty of #girlsinyogapants which is not bad, not at all.

Often being #theonlydudeinyogaclass I admit beholding the glory of slowly rising butts in yoga pants for Adho Mukha Svanasana. Even harder to admit, it was personal motivation to never miss a class… #nowimembarassed.

Which by the way, it’s not an excuse for guys to wear tight lycra shorts and show off their packages. #Isweariveneverdoneit!! But that’s not the point. The point is to look within during the practice and tune in with your own body. So, eventually you stop paying attention to the hot blonde next to you, you realize it’s actually distracting your focus.

Later on, I found that yoga was much more than poses and flexibility, it’s just the key to a doorway of infinite spiritual roaming and bringing balance, clarity and love from within. That’s why I loved having no Internet for 26 days in teacher training, and that’s why I disconnected from social networks like Instagram and Twitter for quite some time.

Then, for the sake of my blog I decided to #getbackontrack! And after I updated my old and neglected account to reflect my new lifestyle, I found myself browsing Instagram for other yogis and yoginis out there with all the #instagoodies to share. You know all that #inspiration and #quotes that can make our days better.

Not surprisingly I found a vast majority of #yogababes throwing #handstands and #scorpions among other fancy poses in very tight clothing. I can’t even remember how many likes and follows I gave.

As much as I love the #yogapants #rebelution, seeing all those beautiful bodies in provocative poses, it’s quite striking to see the hashtags that people create and use to get some likes and followers, which I don’t mind at all, because I’m trying to do the exact same thing. However, without curves in my body it’s kind of tough, so I had to get creative, not just with the pics, but with the hashtags I use as well.

Some of the most used hashtags I’ve seen while stalkin’ the flexible yoga babes include; #yogass, #feeltheyogahigh, #yogababewithtattoos, #strikeayogapose, #yogagirl, #upwardfacing, #allyoucanyoga, #yogabody, #beachyoga, #Iloveyoga, #yogisofinstagram, #yogapantsday and most remarkably #yogaeverydamnday.

Now, brace yourselves #instayogis, because I’m not trying to ruin your most popular hashtag. I’m just hoping to transform it to make it better.

I have nothing against practicing every day, but maybe it sends a message that our days are somehow damned? I mean, what if we used #yogaeveryblessedday or #yogaeverybeautifulday instead? There is a reason we practice everyday, and it’s because we have chosen health, balance and love over fear. #damnit people, our days are not #damned, our days are filled with countless opportunities and blessings.

So, maybe it’s time to #countyourblessings and #lookwithin, #findyoursoulguidance and #spreadthelove? What if we shared #wordsofwisdom instead of #wordsoflust?

Isn’t it time that our hashtags represent something less superficial than stunning bodies, how flexible we are and what clothes we wear?

I knew that Instagram could be somewhat superficial, but isn’t it about time the #yogisofinstagram start a #yogarevolution and attach valuable content to our photos? It’s a challenge that goes beyond quotes and beautiful mandalas.

Maybe it means sharing a meditational insight, a tasty healthy recipe and some benefits and tips for the poses you show off? What do you think is worthy of sharing with the world trough a hashtag?

I know some people who are already doing such labor, and they have inspired me to write this article, so #thankyouforthat!

Lets open up a healthy discussion, I’ll throw in some questions:

What are the funniest/quirkiest/weirdest yoga hashtags you’ve seen out there?

What hashtags could spread the goodies of yoga philosophy?

What role do you believe social networking has in spirituality?

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Apprentice Editor: Brenna Fischer/ Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas/Flickr 

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Read 2 comments and reply

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