September 23, 2014

As I Do, I Love You. {Adult Poem}

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As I Do, I Love You

As I kiss you, I love you
As the sweetness of your lips
Drains my mind of doubt
I’m filled with parts of you I want to know.

As I caress you, I love you
The way your skin responds to everything
Takes me to a place I could never leave
A place that’s suddenly, yet has always been, there.

As my mouth takes you in, I love you
The way you squirm, the way you gasp
The way your song echoes in the room
I know I’ve hit the note in the sweetest song of love.

In the throes of our entanglement, I love you
The way we move, the way we dance
The way we hear that song in the motions of our ecstasy
I feel the Earth herself move in honor of this Divinity.

As you hold me tight, I love you
Even as we lie still in the light of our creation
There is so much left to see
Yet nowhere else to go.

And as you leave, I love you
Taking a piece of me with you on your journey
My keeping a piece of you with me in that special place I have
That box without a lock, that cloud without a sky.

As I let go of you, I love you
More and more each time
I watch you fly, I watch you soar
And I couldn’t love you more.




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Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: bhumikabhatia at Flickr

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Read 4 comments and reply

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