September 2, 2014

Liberation through Lucid Living. ~ Luke Sumpter

dreamer / Caras Ionut

There is only one piece of technology within the known universe that can present to us a situation that seems so real that we are only made sure of its authenticity after the experience has come to a close.

What I’m referring to is the mind in it’s dream state.

Although within a dream we often experience the events either from a first person or third person perspective, the entire dream-space itself is a projection of the subconscious mind. We experience the illusion of being a separate entity within a dream, separate from other people we encounter and interact with, separate from the emotional and physical stimulation we feel.

All experiences are an intertwined, intermingled projection upon the unified plane of the unconscious mind. Just as all waves rise up from and fall back into the ocean, they are one and the same.

The state of lucid dreaming occurs when a person becomes conscious within the dream state, allowing them to take complete control of what happens within the dreamscape. They can to erect buildings, master the art of flight and all sorts of extreme and exhilarating phenomena using only the creative forces of the mind, the imagination.

However when we are unconscious we are subject to the happenings of the subconscious mind and find ourselves out of control and a victim to whatever circumstances unfold. I believe both dream states to be beneficial and each have the potential to offer us many lessons and teachings, if analysed in the correct ways.

Now, with this information in mind, it empowers us to question waking reality. If the mind is capable of creating a seemingly ‘real’ reality, what is to say that the waking state isn’t completely dependant upon the mind also?

After all, the reality we have come to recognize as the waking state isn’t as external and matter-based as it appears. Science tells us that everything we experience is vibrating energy.

Atoms are largely just empty space; the subatomic particles that form them vibrate with such intensity that they give the illusion of stillness and solid matter. Between the blades of a fan lies mainly empty space, yet when the fans blades reach a certain speed, it gives the illusion of a solid, plate-like object.

Our senses perceive this vibratory energy in their own unique ways which then trigger the nervous system to relay the data to the brain where, via several cognitive processes, a sensory tapestry is created within our consciousness, informing us of the details of the external, energetic world around us.

Every sight, sound, smell, taste and touch occurs within ones consciousness, not externally.

For example colour does not exist outside of us, what exists is energy. This energy is converted into colour via the biological sensory portal we have chosen to label as eyes, therefore the very existence of our minds is fundamental for colour, sound and other sensory stimulation to be present at all.

Without the biological tools of our minds and senses to convert vibrating waves of energy into quantifiable sensations, perhaps vibrating waves of energy is all they shall remain.

Now, let us apply the concept of becoming lucid to this stream of thoughts.

Depending upon the culture we are born and raised in, our minds are programmed to perceive the world in a certain way. Many people seem to meander through this life very unconsciously, abiding the dictatorial social conditioning within their consciousness from birth, free from questioning and critical analysis.

This may be in the form of how their society operates, political ideology, religious belief systems, the expectations placed upon them as an individual etc. However, when the boat is rocked and the water breaks white, people tend to catch a glimpse of the world from an un-bias, raw, baseline outlook.

This perspective may be triggered via a traumatic event, a mind expanding travel experience, self study, psychedelic or spiritual experience. Or maybe it is a realization that cultivates over a longer period of time, using the tools and techniques of mindfulness, yoga, meditation, dream analysis, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy etc.

Regardless of how this process occurs, such life events have the tendency to force an individual to start to question their reality, what is really ‘’true’’ and what parts of their belief system is actually serving and progressing them along their path, and which parts are actually detrimental. It is almost as if this person has woken up from an unconscious slumber and has become lucid in life.

They are able to empower themselves and others to makes better life decisions and really hone in upon what they really wish to gain from the human experience.

A lucid person becomes more conscious of what foods they choose to construct their body-mind from, what relationships they choose to invest energy in and grow from and where they choose to receive orders and authoritative demands from, if anywhere at all.

When a person is ‘’asleep’’ in the waking state, when they are unconscious in their behaviours, they do not make such quality decisions, they remain passive and docile and ultimately a slave to their circumstances.

During a dream, we are so convinced that it is reality that we fight to survive, we become fearful and afraid; we run from what our instincts tell us is a painful, terrifying fate in the form of death. Nevertheless, when we become lucid in a dream we know nothing can harm us, we realize the end of the dream, the ‘’death’’ of the dream, will actually be a very peaceful passing from the dream state, into a realm even more real, full of people who love us, music that sings to us and food that warms our bellies.

When we become lucid in the waking state we often lose the fear of death. We start to thoroughly address it as an inevitable happening and question it, instead of fearfully burying it and judging it.

We accept that it may well be like the passing from a dream, where one wakes up into a reality far more loving, unified and lucid.

I believe everybody is capable of going through such an awakening at some point in their life. I feel as though everybody is upon their own path and will come to such an awakening experience when the time is right for them to digest and assimilate it. It is easy to judge others who act so unconsciously and often negatively, however know what they are going through is ultimately a series of lessons to direct them to acting from their higher self with benevolence.


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Editor: Renée Picard

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