September 19, 2014

The Conversation of a Fallen Soldier’s Kin at an Airport. ~ Robert Pistor {Poem}


His persistent questioning, didn’t rattle the peace she had found

His eyes were the constant reminder of her love underground
Her nature spoke of a calm love, the real kind, the one not forced
Not one that fell from favor, or had run its course
Unbridled, unwavering, magnificent, the resolute variety
Not one that answers to a deity or some oath created by society

He asked quickly and often, as children do; she answered, again and again
He loved you very much son, she said. You were his best friend
And of course I think of him often, he watches over us, this you must trust
But, his presence is only in spirit now and together we must adjust
I’ll do my best to raise you to be like your father, a man of patriotism and grace
One who knew when to listen and to speak, who always knew his place
A simple man that understood love, respect and strength
To raise you to be the man he was, I will go the greatest length

Meanwhile, another man began to scold his wife from a trivial tiff
She looked through him as she held her son’s hand and stood there stiff
This wasn’t a type of love for which she was familiar
So she covered her son’s eyes as he stood there now stiller
Understand son that a man’s love should be gone of his aggression
And a man should not try and control a woman, for she is not his possession

You will grow to be a man that’s rugged and strong, who will protect and fight
But never enforce rage on your love, for this is misplaced might
There is a Higher Love for man, one that simply can’t be disputed
It inspires his purpose in life, a love so deeply rooted
And when you find this passion, you’ll be prepared and well suited
And after you’ve bathed in its freedom and basked in its glory
Stand proud and salute it, because you’ve lived a true love story

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Apprentice Editor: Kimby Maxson / Editor: Renée Picard

Photo: Wikimedia

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