September 12, 2014

What are We Teaching our Little Girls? ~ Ros Prado

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What kind of message are we sending to our daughters?

Are we teaching them to love their body unconditionally? Or are we teaching them to measure their worth based on a number on a scale?

Are we showing them how attractive confidence is? Or are we teaching them that beauty comes only in single digit pants sizes?

Are we encouraging them to be concerned with the world’s problems? Or are we encouraging them to think the biggest problem a person could have is not fitting into a little black dress?

Are we pushing them to be kind and thoughtful? Or are we pushing them to think twice about eating?

Are we inspiring them to read? Or are we making them think good looks will get them by?

What are we teaching our little girls?

Why aren’t we telling them that beauty magazines lie to sell products.

That beauty has no size. That smart is sexy. That kind is appealing. That physical beauty is not everything. That once a person speaks, their words have more impact than their looks. That there’s no amount of pretty that can make a mean person attractive. That no one can take away their warmth. That intelligence is seductive.

Teach your little girls to be warriors, to be strong and smart.

To be kind and thoughtful. To care about other people’s well being. To work hard for what they want. To expect nothing from the world. To say please and thank you. To perform random acts of kindness. To trust people. To laugh at themselves. To love their body. To love their mind. To use their hearts.


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