October 23, 2014

5 Reasons to Love Essential Oils {Bonus: DIY Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe}.

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What exactly are essential oils?

Actually, a few years back I didn’t even know what they were myself. I was familiar with aromatherapy (vaguely…), but only viewed it as something that was used by massage therapists during a session. I seriously had no clue that they could be used as actual medicine, nor did I know they had the ability to cure anything.

It took coming across a basic article on the origins and uses of essential oils at the local organic store for the light bulb to come on for me. What was used as medicine before man made synthetic pharm meds were created? Well, let me break it down for you. The essentials on using essential oils (EOs).

1. They can be powerful medicines.

First, essential Oils are 100 percent natural, meaning nothing is added or taken away from them. There are no hard to pronounce, man-made toxins or preservatives, colors or additives in essential oils, it is simply the highly potent concentrated medicine that the plant harvests within its cellular walls.

Because of this, when used correctly, there is noone you cannot use EOs on including infants, the elderly, even your pets! Because they are all natural and work on a cellular level, they do not just treat a symptom, but rather, they treat the actual problem itself by helping the body heal itself and supporting the immune system inside the actual cells of our body.

They can also kill bacteria and stop viruses from duplicating.

2. They are cheap.

From the surface, EOs may seem expensive, because a high-grade bottle of EO can cost anywhere from $10 to $100 or more based on the rarity of the oil as well as the quality. But considering that only a drop or two is used at a time, a bottle can last anywhere from three to six months or more, depending on how frequently they are used.

By the time a doctor’s fee or copay has been shelled out, time has been spent driving around town, waiting in line and paying for three prescriptions, it has already cost well over what a few drops of an EO would be.

If you actually break down the cost of what it is to use them, you will find that they save money in the long run, as well as precious time because an issue can be treated immediately.


3. They are empowering.

Using essential oils is incredibly empowering as an individual, whether you are a parent, caretaker, or even a pet owner. When I became a new mother I felt helpless at times because I just didn’t know how to help my child when he was in pain.

Not simply when one of them had a cut or scrape, but when they couldn’t sleep, couldn’t stop coughing through the night, or were bitten by fire ants on the playground, or had an earache at two in the morning.

Being a mother is so tough, as is taking care of anyone at all, and EOs help assist us in being competent in tackling everyday challenges. With essential oils, I can treat my boys for simple things as well as more serious issues like stomachache, fever, allergies, even a bout of the flu.

EOs can be aromatically, topically, and internally (as long as it’s a pure-grade form) depending on the issue.

4. They are easy and versatile.

I know it may seem overwhelming when first using oils, but it’s honestly difficult to mess up in using them because they are nearly fool proof.

Yes, read your homework on which brand of oils to use (I recommend using a pharmaceuticalgrade like doTERRA or Young Living for purity) because unfortunately the FDA does not regulate the production of EOs and as a result there are many brands who use only the required 10 percent of actual essential oil in a bottle, then top it with whatever cheap filler oil they can find.

Seriously—read the back labels!

Also, because essential oils are so concentrated, they sometimes need to be blended with a carrier oil (such as coconut or grapeseed) to use topically on sensitive skin. However, once you get past the virtual unknown of using them and grow comfortable, you will begin to see how versatile they are.


5. They enhance my life.

My favorite part about using EOs is that they are amazing at enhancing a meditation or yoga practice. Meditating is personally one of the most difficult aspects of my practice.

I started using a drop of black pepper oil during meditation, which I found to be immensely helpful. With yoga I use a Balance blend often on my mat when I am practicing myself, or when I am teaching I will use oils on my hands before making adjustments. I get asked all the time what I use and I sincerely think it makes a big difference in one’s experience.

And guess what? You can cook with them, clean with them, and use them in homemade beauty products too!

Feeling tired, restless or down? There are a broad range of oils used specifically to uplift and enhance the mood. The possibilities are endless, which saves money, is healthier, greener and simply smart.

Check out one of my favorite beauty scrubs- easy to make and makes skin feel super smooth and sexy!


DIY Coconut Salt Scrub Recipe:

Gather Up:

  • 1 cup organic virgin coconut oil
  • 1 cup Pink Himalayan (or Epsom) salt
  • 1⁄4 cup fractionated Coconut Oil
  • 15-20 drops of favorite essential oil (try Geranium, Grapefruit, or Balance blend)


1. Melt Coconut Oil in microwave or over double burner

2. Remove from heat and add in salt and essential oil and mix thoroughly, let sit until coconut oil

solidifies (you can cool in the fridge to speed up this process)

3. Store in airtight container!



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