October 5, 2014

5 Steps to Spiritual Health. ~ Dr. Rob Berberian

Living Healthy and Free

Living in a complex world that pulls our energy in all directions, we tend to easily lose focus on our health as we juggle numerous daily tasks.

Health is not merely the absence of disease, but rather the harmonious connection between the body, mind and soul.

As a physician specializing in Integrative Medicine, I have put together a rather simple path to lead us all back to spiritual health, so that we can pursue a fruitful life full of love, happiness, freedom and abundance.

1. Be Love

Love is the foundation of all life.

We all crave it, seek it and pursue it.

Quite often, we seek love from external sources, yet in order to get on the path to spiritual wellness, love has to start from within us. We hold the key to create space in our hearts to allow love to blossom.

Repeat the following mantra every morning when you wake up: Love is all around me. Love is inside of me. I am Love.

2. Let go

We all have emotions that we hold inside of us.

Some are positive, while others are negative. Harboring negative emotions hurts us more than the person who caused the feelings to build inside of us. The most challenging part of being human is learning to let go. We should no longer be bound by the hurt of the past, but rather be free to live life without sorrow and despair.

Repeat the following mantra whenever you’re struggling to let go: I am forgiveness. I am at peace. I am Free!

3. Set your intention

The most successful people in life are those who create a broader perspective of their vision of life.

Set an intention for what you want your life to be. Write it on a piece of paper or a board in big letters. This will set the universe in motion as you send your energy out to the world. Subconsciously, every decision made will now build towards achieving that greater intention. Listen to your heart and mind, as both are connected and will lead to where you want to be.

Repeat the following mantra before you make a difficult decision: My heart is open. My mind is clear. I am Abundance.

4. Be kind

Kindness will always get us further in life than rudeness.

We all lead stressful lives, and sometimes get caught up in the moment. Then, suddenly, we see a random stranger walking by, who looks at us, smiles and says, “Hi.”

A simple gesture like this can instantly change how we feel.

So, be kind. Be kind to those who you think need it and to those who you think don’t need it. We are all connected as souls in this universe, so treat all fellow souls with kindness.

When you’re feeling stressed or upset, repeat the following mantra: My soul is sacred. My soul is light. I am Kind.

5. Pursue happiness

Just as we pursue physical fitness by exercising, we must pursue happiness.

It is not simply handed to us. Every aspect of our lives plays a part in building the foundation of our happiness. Our physical health coupled with our emotional and mental health will set the tone for our spiritual wellness. We must work on achieving balance in all of the parts so that we can lead ourselves to complete happiness.

French poet Victor Hugo wrote, Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.

So keep that in mind when you’re feeling down or unhappy, and repeat the following mantra:

I am blessed. I am alive. I am Happiness!



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