October 18, 2014

I love the advertising industry, because I love lying.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Clio Acceptance Speech

A brief moment of pre-happiness! Buy more! It won’t be as nice as we make it look!

Brilliant, funny, and most importantly, true. Knowing and working around money-drowning-in ethics-light ad agencies for many years, I’ve watched this four times, his funny truth makes me feel warm inside.

I’ve seen the greatest minds of my generation…try and sell me something I don’t want that isn’t good for me or our planet.

Boulder’s full of ad agencies. The best minds of America…are busy trying hard to be fashionable, to have fun, to have sex, to spend their money on having fun…instead of helping this world for the better. Jerry nails it, in their laughing faces.

Relephant life-altering quote:

The world is run by one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards,’ Abdul Ghani pronounced in his best Oxford English accent, licking the sweet honey cake from his short, thick fingers. ‘The evil men are the power–the rich men, and the politicians, and the fanatics of religion–whose decisions rule the world, and set it on its course of greed and destruction.’
‘There are only one million of them, the truly evil men, in the whole world. The very rich and the very powerful, whose decisions really count–they only number one million. The stupid men, who number ten million, are the soldiers and policemen who enforce the rule of the evil men. They are the standing armies of twelve key countries, and the police forces of those and twenty more. In total, there are only ten million of them with any real power or consequence. They are often brave, I’m sure, but they are stupid, too, because they give their lives for governments and causes that use their flesh and blood as mere chess pieces. Those governments always betray them or let them down or abandon them, in the long run. Nations neglect no men more shamefully than the heroes of their wars.’
‘And the hundred million cowards,’ Abdul Ghani continued, pinching the handle of the teacup between his plump fingers, ‘they are the bureaucrats and paper shufflers and pen-pushers who permit the rule of the evil men, and look the other way. They are the head of this department, and the secretary of that committee, and the president of the other association. They are managers, and officials, and mayors, and officers of the court. They always defend themselves by saying that they are just following orders, or just doing their job, and it’s nothing personal, and if they don’t do it, someone else surely will. They are the hundred million cowards who know what is going on, but say nothing, while they sign the paper that puts one man before a firing squad, or condemns one million men to the slower death of a famine.’
‘So, that’s it,’ he concluded. ‘The world is run by one million evil men, ten million stupid men, and a hundred million cowards. The rest of us, all six billion of us, do pretty much what we are told!’ ~ Shantaram (Gregory David Roberts)

One more for the road: “We buy things we don’t need with money we don’t have to impress people we don’t like.” ~ Dave Ramsey

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