October 24, 2014

New Moon {Eclipse} Wisdom & Creative Ritual.

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New Moon {Eclipse} Wisdom for the Waxing Moon Cycle

Diwali (or Deepavali) is a very significant five-day festival in the Vedic tradition. This year, the festivities begin on the 18th in the USA, and continue until the 25th. The most significant day of the Diwali festivities is on the 23rd because of the new Moon.

This is a celebration of light, of Lakshmi, and our divine resources. The festival of light spiritually signifies the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil, and hope over despair. As the solar eclipse is occurring simultaneously, we literally are experiencing an eclipse of our light, our solar energy, our soul.

Today, let in the light, the abundance that is present in your life—no matter how small or nuanced.

Turn on the light switch of your soul and let this be a poignant moment, intentionally driving out the shadows and inviting in more light to your life.

Possibility, hope and joy are significant resources.

Honor Lakshmi, light a candle at your altar and invoke her spirit of abundance and wealth.

New Moon is at 16:57 CDT while Moon is in Libra and Chitra nakshatra. Moon moves to Swati nakshatra at 17:31 CDT. The partial solar eclipse begins at 17:00 CDT and continues until 18:52 CDT. A lot of movement and shifts are happening within this two hour time frame.

Use this time for meditation, invocation and setting intentions if possible. Swati nakshatra increases shadow, movement and shape shifting. The rule of Swati, Vayu the wind god, increases these tendencies.

Symbolically, this partial solar eclipse ushers in the next waxing cycle for us. This is a cycle that brings essential balancing for the pieces of our life and relationships that have been causing us upheaval.

The balance occurs once we slowly sift and settle into our new choices and action steps. Digestion and assimilation of the past month bring the stability we are seeking. Finding the most nourishing morsels of our lives and understanding our greatest needs becomes our driving force.

Transformation becomes the nourishment, as well as instigates the nourishment we need.

Seek transformation and let new resources feed you. Your emotional body is a vital resource for making wise choices and action steps. Whatever your intuitive knowing offers you, go there. Use this wisdom to guide you.

Restructure the way you offer yourself, how you share your wisdom.

Shift the way you seek wisdom and knowledge.

Invite in innovation.

Let the body be a primary creative resource for you. Resource from the wisdom of the body. Listen deeply and ask your body to give you the guidance you are seeking.

Pelvis and hips can be a resource for informing the way you dance with stability, support, moving forward and containment.

How can you move forward with greater stability and support?

New Moon Chart:

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 11.41.30 PM

Creative Ritual for the Waxing Moon Cycle

Libra becomes a vital part of our new Moon eclipse experience, as well as our coming waxing Moon cycle. Libra represents seventh house matters—relationships, our mirror, the other. Libra offers us balance, vacillation, global awareness and compassion. Libra also offers confusion and lack of commitment at times. There is a correlation to the pelvis, which metaphorically connects us to stability and support, as well as a sense of holding.

The pelvic bowl contains our sexual, reproductive and excretory organs. This is a vital body part for our sense of thriving, joy, passion and sensuality. It is a container, and also connects us to our vulnerability. The pelvic region connects us to potential second chakra issues, which include our financial and wealth resource, abundance and our creative flow.

Here are some ways to increase your connection to and understanding of your pelvis:

1) With the above elements in mind, draw an image of your pelvis.

Let the image express your connection to this body part. What is your relationship with your pelvis? What is your response to this body part? How does it support you and help you thrive?

Let these questions help you develop your pelvis drawing. Include colors, textures, images and shapes that express your pelvic relationship.

2) Dance your pelvis drawing.

Find one element of your image that speaks to you. Perhaps it’s a color, shape or some intriguing texture. Enter your dance through the pelvis and begin to move. Move your image using the resources of pelvis and the intriguing element you have chosen to work with. Keep developing your dance for 10 to 15 minutes.

Let your dance evolve and increase your somatic sensations as you move. Remember to breathe and allow your pelvis to be a primary resource for your movements.

3) Harvest.

What resources did your pelvic dance offer you? What challenges? How can this inform the way you move forward in your life?


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