October 7, 2014

No More Waiting. ~ Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg {Poem}


Yes, a transformation is happening.

It is needed drastically.
Yearned for. Prayed for.
So many have impatiently waited.
A new way to know
Is coming alive
Inside of many.

Don’t fool yourself,
No, this is real.
It comes deep within multitudes.
None of us are alone.
A peaceful Essence has made itself known.

For many, as they sat quietly
For eons,
Life time after life time,
Deepening, deepening.
So deep within it felt like
Another being emerged.

For others this awakening
Has come forth quickly.

It is the time.
Beyond time.

Minds know how to race.
Even with no where to go.
On and on.
Sometimes going to places
Where mind of peace refuses to go.

Other-mindedness, a pest to the
Calm meditative mind.
Poor lax mind
Unable to maintain a quiet space.

But now, a shift is happening.
Hey, how clever.
The Shift of many minds
Creating the
Great Global Shift of
Quiet, peaceful, minds
Across our
Cosmic consciousness.

Love for truth is in a new flow.
It can’t be held back any longer.

Too many are seeking.
Epiphanies gloriously appear.
We knew it would happen.
The unseen force
That brings truth to our lives.



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Editor: Travis May

Photo: Wiki Commons

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