October 17, 2014

Planting the Seeds that Make our Side of the Grass Greener.

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The grass is not greener on the other side, the reflection of the sun just makes you think it is.

The truth is the grass is greenest where it’s watered and cared for.

Where light shines, it creates a glow that cannot be dimmed.

Do we care for ourselves?

Do we truly love ourselves?

Do we nurture and appreciate your current situation or are we too busy watching our neighbor’s lawn grow?

I’m blessed to be around people who put me in my place when I play the self pity game.

Are you?

Well now you are, here I am to give you a lesson on caring for your garden—don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t come easy at first, it took me years of tears to get this far.

When we appreciate what is in front of us, we open the door for more good things to come into our lives.

When we focus on what if and why me—dwelling on what we don’t have—we literally slam the door of opportunity in our own faces.

It’s time to use this information as a key to our future.

Unlock our happiness, appreciate each breathe and the next will bring us more of what we wish for, if only we can believe it’s true.

In life we’re always going to meet people who seem to have it all, I promise you it’s a beautiful facade.

We’ve been programmed to think what we see is what we get.

People are complex, everyone fights their own kind of internal battle, some are just stronger soldiers and better salesmen of themselves.

How fortunate are we to know this all too real truth? We can have whatever we want we just need to plant the seeds and allow them to grow inside of us!

Every possibility is happening in the world right now, time and space are illusions. Let’s manifest our desires through love and faith and all obtain what we wish for. No need to search the sky for shooting stars, although staring at the night sky does do wonders for your soul.

Our souls are more powerful than we know or can ever comprehend. They have the ability to shape our internal truth and external situation.

Let’s begin practicing watering our own gardens. Let’s refresh our souls and open our hearts to its endless possibilities.

Grass comes in all shades, someone’s may just look greener from our angle but we have no idea how hard that person worked planting seeds and nurturing sprouts. It’s pretty much guaranteed they had to pick a few weeds along the way. Just because we didn’t see that process doesn’t mean they didn’t put in the work.

I promise there’s plenty of water and sunshine for everyone’s flowers to bloom together in the sun. Stay in the light, that is where life is born.

Learn to live by loving others and allow yourself to be loved in return, everything we’ve know will change its shade once we learn to do that.


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Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author


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