November 26, 2014

Buddhism 101: What Gets in the Way of Practice.

Jonathan Dupré comic

As part of the Sutta Nipata, the Kimsila Sutta is one of many ancient Buddhist texts.

Many of these are sometimes hard to approach. This comic is an attempt to render it in graphical form. The purpose of these illustrations is to make the suttas a little more accessible, hoping that it will inspire more people to ponder upon them. 

Adapted from Sn 2.9 Kimsila Sutta

With what kind of
behaviour would a person
become correctly established
in the teachings?

Learning and understanding
are essential to the practice.
But a person who is hasty and heedless
does not learn well.

Have respect for
the words of those
you know to be wise.

is the purpose of
wise words…

and the heart
becomes collected
when it knows
how to discern.

Established in
calm, composure
and concentration,
it knows what
understanding has
as a purpose…

letting go.


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Author: Jonathan Dupré

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: original artwork by author 

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