November 30, 2014

Difficulty & Pain Give you Wings. {Poem}


When things fall apart

The golden wings of opportunity swoop down

To guide you.


Because now’s your chance to fly

To f*cking soar.

To change direction.

To go exactly where you want, for a change.






You can continue grasping for the already broken pieces.

You can continue reaching out for the beautiful, but empty illusions.

You can continue pouring energy into the blackholes of distraction.


Please don’t.


Things fall apart for a reason.

Things collapse for a reason.

Things go up in flames for a reason.


They have to be destroyed.

They have to be obliterated.

They have to shatter completely.


Because then

And only then

Can we make way for the really beautiful things.




Destruction is flawless.

It’s perfect.

The ruthlessness only adds to its beauty.


And, yes.

I know.

It hurts like hell to watch it all fall away.




Don’t second-guess it.

Don’t make excuses.

Don’t fight it.


It’s brilliant.

And, it need not be so painful.

Because the destruction is molding us into ourselves.



Can you see the little roots underneath the wreckage?


Bright with hope.

Glowing with possibility.

Twinkling with magic.


What makes these stubby roots so sparkly?


We do.


Our broken hearts and hurt feelings are the perfect fertilizer for transformation.

Because real growth needs to be watered by the hardships of the past.


So, let us be deeply thankful for difficulty and pain.

They open our eyes.

Then our hearts.


They give us wings,

So we can go exactly where we want, for a change.


She Let Go.

She loves to. 


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor:  Travis May

Photo: Flickr/55laney69

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Read 21 comments and reply

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