November 5, 2014

The Trick to Banishing Negative Energy.

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“Any negativity that comes to you today should be returned to sender.” ~ Thema Davis

If you feel or sense that negative energy is being sent your way from someone (or somewhere) else, you are not required to accept it. If it is unintentional or unconsciously generated it’s usually easy to send it back, or transmute.

But if is directed at you with the purpose of causing you harm or making you suffer, it may be considered a “psychic attack.” Any time another person forms an intention to harm you in some way, a sort of “spell” is cast; in which case these energies would be stronger and harder to shrug off.

These types of attacks, especially when continual and/or coming from a loved one, or someone in your circle of association can really wear you down and will tend to block your energy flow, even to the point of closing your chakras…if you let them!

This negative energy, intentionally sent from another can find the cracks in your armor and any gaps in your energy field, all the while sneaking in under the radar. This requires some defensive measures, and the key is to be mindful and diligent of your energy field by taking a few simple steps; steps like maintaining a daily meditation routine, journaling regularly, connecting with nature, or practicing Karma Yoga in service of others.

You can practice remaining aware of the energy that surrounds you, as well as the energy you are sending out.

Keep reminding yourself that light attracts light, and dark attracts more of the same. To keep the negative forces at bay, be full of positivity. By practicing this your chakras will be kept clear and your defenses will be stronger. Your light-filled force field will be so strong, negative energy won’t be able to penetrate its protective shield.

The effects of negative energy can:

  • Cause you to experience a sense of being belittled or condemned.
  • Cause your breathing to feel constricted.
  • Cause you to feel unsafe, tense, or on guard—even attacked.
  • Cause your energy to wane or diminish.
  • Cause you to feel beleaguered or ill.

Consistently negative people can easily turn into “energy vampires”; people who are incapable of generating positive energy and like to suck it out of the rest of us. Hence, due to their unrelenting hunger, they feed off of the vampire, dracula, vitamin D, lifeless, undead, health, wellness, positive energy of others, leaving their victims drained, exhausted, and sad. Sometimes it seems as if they’re everywhere. Each and every one of us has a connection with the universe that showers them with unlimited, positive energy. But because negative people have blocked themselves and their connection to this source, they constantly find themselves in an energy deficit, which drives them to drain other people of their energy. Energy vampires are generally characterized by some or all of the following traits:

  • Intrusive and obnoxious, unskilled at observing human boundaries.
  • Drama queens (or kings) who make mountains out of molehills.
  • Overly critical, finding fault with just about everything.
  • Chronic complainers, they always have something to whine about.
  • Quick to argue, can’t ever seem to agree with others.
  • Demanding and persistent, just can’t take no for an answer.
  • Not able to accept responsibility, constantly blaming others for their problems.

There is no reason to allow their problems to become yours.

Remember that each one of us has our own unique power; it is inherent in our very being and it waits to be awakened. Some call it their inner self, their spirit, flame or light. However it’s perceived, it is important that you come to know it as your core essence.

It’s the source of all intuition as well as your fiercest ally and advocate against threats or danger. When we’re connected with this part of ourselves, our confidence grows and we feel safer in the world. Then whoever tries to steal our positive energy will find it well protected, and if they try to subject us to their negativity, they’ll be no match for our adaptability.

We’ll return to sender!

In our present day lives, and the world we live in, positive energy is a precious commodity.

It’s not something we should willingly surrender, especially to those negative power brokers who would rob us of that energy. Instead, maintain your own positive attitude as an example to others and surround yourself with positive people who leave you feeling nourished, upbeat and energized. Maybe the best advice of all comes from Helen Keller who said: “Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.”

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Author: Rae Indigo

Apprentice Editor: Alicia Wozniak / Editor: Renee Picard

Photo:Amelia Falk at Pixoto 

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