November 14, 2014

This 8-Year-Old’s Rap About Being Transgender is so Cool! {Video}


Wow! This kid’s rap just made me sit up and take notice.

Not only are these kids all adorable, with rhymes that flow like no tomorrow, but they also have an important message to share. Give it a watch, and tell me you’re not impressed:


I’m amazed. I’m so impressed at the confidence and courage of Alex, even while so young. And I’m so impressed with his mother’s reaction and support. It is easy to think that children are too young to know their true identities, to know whether they are gay, straight, or transgendered when they haven’t even hit puberty yet. But identity isn’t an intellectual choice, it doesn’t require that the brain has matured to a certain age or that the individual understand the implications of their own identity. Identity is innate and raw. It just is.

Still, it is rare for a child to have such bravery to express an identity that he must know is not the norm, and rarer still for a parent to react so supportively. The world needs more people like this! Spread the word, and maybe one day, stories like this won’t be considered so unusual, and acceptance will finally be the norm. Now, wouldn’t that be awesome?


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Author: Kathryn Muyskens

Editor: Travis May

Photo: YouTube Screen Shot

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