November 25, 2014

White People riot, too. [Photos]

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Why I want to Delete Half of my Facebook Friends during a National Crisis.

Join us in offering a moment of prayer for peace and dialogue in Ferguson, and from sea to shining sea.

Opportunistic jerks are opportunistic jerks. They do not represent a race, and can not. Let us create peace, dialogue, instead of strawmen enemies to rant about on social media.

Remember: white people riot, too (dozens of large-scale riots in the past few years alone). This is not about black vs. white, or us vs. them. This is a time to hold space for dialogue and healing. ‪#‎peaceonearth‬ ‪#‎ferguson‬

Whatever our view, whatever our anger, looting doesn’t help.

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Natalie DuBose after Ferguson looters attacked her cake store to get justice for Michael Brown. (i.imgur.com)


“White people rioting over stupid shit.” (imgur.com)

Opportunistic jerks are opportunistic jerks. Want to create a more enlightened society? We all have to do it together, so let go of right and wrong and work to dialogue openly. It’s hard, and painful, but worthwhile, and has a great result (unlike looting).

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