December 4, 2014

Be. {Poem}

Be you

Be I
Be the wind and the rain
Be the grass
Be the sparrow
Be the crow.

Be the sun
Be the moon
Be the ocean tides
Be the grain of sand
Be the spark of the stars light years away.

Be the sadness and despair
Be the longing and the fear
Be the tears.

Be the stranger sitting next to you
Be the willow tree
Be the clouds
Be the space that holds you together.

Be the song that fills you with nostolgia
Be the forest
Be the mountain
Be the hurricane
Be the eye of the storm.

Be the breath
Be the air you just took in
Be the roots that extend deep within the earth
Be the rushing river.

Be the glistening reflection of the moon on the lake
Be the moment you will never forget
Be the passing of seasons
Be the firefly.

Be the soft embrace
Be the passionate kiss
Be the person you never wanted to let go.

Be the release
Be the smile and the laughter
Be the warmth
Be the light.

Be the intuition
Be the flow

Be gratitude. Be harmony. Be peace. Be love.

Be here
Be now
Be you. ~


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Author: Cassandra Cornacchia

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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Read 2 comments and reply

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