December 23, 2014

Rediscovering Simplicity. {Poem}

Rediscovering SImplicity
Rediscovering simplicity

as I rest my head upon a pillow of dead grass
weaving dreams through willow branches
manzanita beads and acorn medallions

I discover as I lie there weaving dreams
that my roots have grown into the earth
and wayward vines have wrapped their tendrils
around my golden strands of hair
only to sprout colorful silken petals
and butterfly wings

I grasp the juicy fruit born from the earth and bite.
fireworks explode on my tastebuds
and then joy begins to melt upon my tongue
down my throat
into my very core
where the fire burns

I want my sole duty to be
tending that fire
to wake in the morning
with only sunshine on my mind
and the taste of joy in my heart
with no sense of time
only season

I want rain to trickle down my spine
slowly down each vertebrae
into the flowing river of my pelvis
grounding me even further
as my roots sink deeper into the earth
to nourish my soul

I want dirt on my hands
in my hair
between my toes

I want to learn the language of the trees
and become drunk on the wind
sing and dance round the fire
like children
holding hands beneath the stars
walking only by moonlight
talking only through lips
swollen with smiles

Rediscovering simplicity
as I rest my head on the chest of the earth
and listen to her tender heart beating
as I drift off to sleep
to become a weaver of dreams.

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