December 6, 2014

Walk. {Poem}

walking away let go goodbye back man body / Vato Bob


Walk like you’re just slidin’ across Monday.
Walk with grease in your joints,
like the suspension on a brand new car.

Walk like your toes could smile
every time they hit the sidewalk.
Walk like you’re on death row.

Walk like tomorrow
all of your bones could crumble,
and be scattered by the wind.

Walk through the shadows.
Walk toward the light.

Walk with the cool determination of the boss.

Walk with the reckless abandon of a child.

But walk


Like you mean it.



*This essay is an excerpt from a book, After the Silence, that I have recently published in digital format. After the Silence is a collection of essays, poems and photographs, created over the past five years. To order the book, contact me here


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Author: Peter Schaller

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Vato Bob/Flickr

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