December 13, 2014

Ways to Invite Magic into our Lives this Christmas.

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It’s Christmas time—the best time to learn to be magically infectious to anyone and everything around you.

We are all enchanting and magical, because we are all entirely unique.

“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” ~  Roald Dahl

When we were children magic was all around us, then as we grew we the outside world conditioned us to stop believing in nonsense, to be sensible, mature and behave according to societies pressures and demands.

Sadly, we grow into adulthood losing touch with our ability to enchant and be magical.

Sometimes feels like something is missing in our lives and often the only thing wrong is that we have lost touch with our inner child. We simply need to figure out how to make the connection again to put magic back into our every day lives.

There are a few very simple ways to enhance magic and allow what’s been hidden inside to unlock and radiate on the outside.

Ways to invite magic into our lives. 

1. Know that we’re magic.

The first and most important step to being magic is to completely accept it and to believe it. Of course we are magic, we are here on this earth, living a totally unique life and no one else is the same as us.

We are capable of incredible achievements, we are made up of approximately 80% water, we have a brain, soul, imagination, mind, feelings, body and emotions that look and feel totally different than anyone else’s.

We are absolute magic, each and every one of us.

“When you’re touched by magic, nothing’s ever quite the same again. What really makes me sad is all those people who never have the chance to know that touch. They’re too busy, or they just don’t hold with make-believe, so they shut the door without really knowing it was there to be opened in the first place.” ~ Charles de Lint, What the Mouse Found and Other Stories

2. Feel passionately.  

About every detail of our lives, people, places, belongings.

If there are things in our lives that we do not feel passionate about, let them go and replace them with ones that capture our emotion. Passion is a strong emotion and it can help us to choose the things we want in our life and also to recognize the things we don’t.

3. Recognize synchronicities.

When things appear to be a coincidence, celebrate them.

See them as signs that the law of attraction is working, we are bringing things and people into our lives as signals that we are on the right path.

These paths can then lead to journeys that we may otherwise not have taken, had we not paid attention to the signs the universe was flagging for us. They may not all be positive paths, but they very must likely will be ones we needed to venture to learn whatever lesson was lying in wait for us.

3. Stop trying so hard.

This may seem contradictory, however, it is quite the opposite. Let things flow naturally, find the joy in the smallest things, do what feels natural and don’t force anything that does not feel right. Go with the inner flow and allow all of our actions to come from within, rather than do what we feel your should be doing. Don’t try to be something you are not, be who you are.

4. Fall in love.

With every one, every thing, every place and constantly. See the love and joy in everything you do, everything in life deserves a little love. Give love and then give it some more.

5. Practice Pranayama.

Prana is a Sanskrit word which means life force energy. It is the energy that manifests from the universe and is found in nature, life and basically everything surrounding us.

Prana from the air is absorbed when we breathe it and is transported throughout our whole system. It is stored in the brain as spiritual energy. A further knowledge of Prana is advised to receive its full benefits—it can totally transform how we feel on the inside and allow us to share that same feeling outward.

6. Celebrate change.

Like alchemy, we must blend and change before we turn to gold.

Never be afraid that it’s too late to start again.

Set intentions, choose the path and then do not be afraid when things begin to happen. We are the one who is responsible for our lives. Cliché, but we are only here for one lifetime, celebrate each and every day and draw in new things constantly.

7. Love the bones of ourselves.

We all get used to loving others completely, but are not used to loving ourselves.

Stop focusing on things that we don’t like about ourselves, we cannot change it, start immediately focusing on what’s inside.

The outer appearance will change dramatically as soon as we allow our inside to shine outward.

Beauty really is found on the inside.

There is nothing more attractive than a person who is comfortable in their own skin. We all look different and society’s shallow perception sets the standard on beauty.

The real measure of beauty is the inner-self. Unlearn what society has taught and relearn that beauty is within. As soon as you do this you will begin to see yourself and all others through completely different eyes.

8. Be authentic.

Authentic people are magnetic—so smile, engage with others, listen, connect, be honest, don’t judge, be positive, be mindful, be self-aware, keep an open mind, trust our intuition and be respectful to ourselves and others.

9. Be sensual without being sexual.

Delve deep into sensuality, keep hair and skin glowing and healthy by eating well, be polite and gracious, dress in fabrics that feel good and compliment skin tone and shape.

Think about each one of the five main senses—sight, touch, taste, sound and smell and find ways to enhance the sensations they receive in all that we do. Slow down and be mindful and absorb and appreciate all that the world has to offers.

When we believe we are enchanting and magical beings, we immediately become fascinating and mystical creatures. There is no need for games or casting spells, we will discover we already have everything we need within ourselves.

We will fascinate, enchant, bewitch and attract those around us in the most natural way. Just simply by discovering and believing in the magic and charm within us that had somehow got forgotten along the way.




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Author: Alex Sandra Myles

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr


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