December 6, 2014

Why Authenticity should be the New Black.

Who am I?

We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with images of “perfection.”

Unattainable perfection at that. We profusely try to match these images and ideas, but lets face it; no amount of exercise or make-up will make you look like the models. You look the way you look.

Yes you can become a best version of yourself but even then you will most probably find something wrong.

By realizing that perfection (same as beauty) is in the eye of the beholder, we can set ourselves free from the daily expectations and pressures we put on others and ourselves.

Being authentic and feeling comfortable in our own skin can be challenging but I believe it is a great achievement.

Why be authentic?

1. Pretending is a waste of energy.

If we channeled all the energy we waste on trying to be someone we’re not, into positive energy towards something we are passionate about, I think only greatness can come of it.

2. When we drop the mask, we have the opportunity to meet people who like the real us and vice versa. Nothing sounds more stimulating to me than spending time with someone I have a genuine connection with.

3. We can skip the saga of soul searching after being lost in an alter ego for years. Every day can be a journey of getting to know our true selves better and loving that version endlessly.

4. When we are authentic we are essentially being honest, hence we can show our true feelings. We can admit when we are not feeling on top of the world. We don’t have to be afraid to admit the truth anymore.

5. Authenticity should come with great respect and a deep loving intention. If you are going to be brave enough to show your true colors you are going to want people to respect the real you. You, in turn, will have respect for the courage of others.

6. It is okay not to like everybody.

Acknowledge the feelings of others and of yourself and let the universe guide you to the people you need in your life. By not “liking” someone it doesn’t mean we hate them. I think it means that we are being real enough to know the truth and be honest. To be mindful of our feelings and those of others.

It is an adventure to wake up every day and go about my business. Although there may be times when my true self feels like creeping deeper inside and conforming to someone else’s idea of me— will be brave and march on and be me.




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Author: Gente Coetzee 

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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Read 2 comments and reply

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