December 8, 2014

Would You Find Me Pretty If… {Poem}


I Became Me

Would you find me pretty
Find me smart
If I put on a costume
That hides the broken parts
And draw your attention
To my hipster boots
When my country accent
Betrays my mountain roots
These muscular calves
Have never been on trend
But no amount of exercise
Can make them conform or bend
I’ll cover my pale skin
With self-tanning lotion
To distract you from my nose
Layers of mascara is just the right potion

But who am I
To argue DNA
And after years of pushing her away
I embraced the crippled girl inside
And told her she could stay
Then from the chains of pretense
I was finally free
And when there was no one else to be
I rose up from the ashes
And I became Me



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Author: Amy Wardana

Editor: Travis May

Image: Courtesy of Emma Ruffin


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Read 4 comments and reply

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