January 23, 2015

Beneath My Skin.

akshay moon/flickr

I stand before you, naked and raw.

My skin, the only barrier between my wild beating heart and the stinging air and your perceived notions of who I am.

If I could, I would remove my skin and let you in.

All the way.

Into the corners of darkness and fields of light.

I would let you play with my shadows, and allow you to caress the tender flecks of my heart as old ones chip away and new ones begin to grow.

I would invite you to bear witness as I struggle to dig deeper, clawing away at the self-imposed walls that no longer serve their purpose.

I would show you my truth.

I would let you hold my strong, pulsing, beating heart in your hands, knowing you could crush it, but trusting that you won’t.

I would show you my wings.

The ones that have broken the surface but have not yet unfolded into their true greatness.

I would watch as you touch me.

Gently, passionately, intimately.

Learning the landscape of my body from the inside out.

Breathing in my love for you as you unintentionally scratch the scars or dwell too long on the tender spots.

Sighing with pleasure as your hands gently unravel the fragile petals of my desire, and I surrender.

Completely. Fiercely. Wildly.

Without my skin, you would see me.

All of me.

And, I would let you.


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Author: Brandie Smith

Editor: Emily Bartran 

Photo: akshay moon/flickr


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Read 2 comments and reply

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