January 31, 2015

A Cure for Depression: How About a New Personality?


Editor’s note: Astrology isn’t a religion. We’re not sure it’s a science, either. It’s magic, maybe. But, as with feng shui, say, things affect things. So as long as we don’t go blaming our problems on the stars, as long as we assume responsibility for our own actions…well, hell, a little auspicious coincidence and applicable wisdom can’t hurt. And so, with that grain of salt…enjoy!

Have you ever felt depressed about your life and wished you could have a “make-over?”

The solution to your troubles might be having a new personality—one that gives you the confidence to take risks and change your life for the better. If so, you’ll like being under the planetary influence of Uranus.

Uranus energies deliver an exciting quality to your life, where you feel like there is only blue sky ahead of you and anything is possible. You’ll know when Uranus transits through your first House.

You’re filled with a wellspring of pure energy, ready to break out of an old routine. The influence of Uranus will awaken a deep need within you to be free to express your individuality. Consciously and unconsciously, you’ll feel compelled to be true to yourself, living your life according your own desires, interests and preferences.

It’s like somebody gave you a get out of jail free card. You’re feeling like you can do anything you want to do and there’s no one to stop you.

Living independently and authentically are of paramount importance to you now. You’re in the process of changing your personality by breaking free of any limitations that have been placed on you, which includes escaping from your past as well as the expectations of people in your life, such as loved ones, family, friends or even co-workers.

You may recall having this feeling in your late teens and early 20s when you were chomping at the bit to leave your parent’s home and go off on your own.

You’re beginning a process where you radically transform the personality (and appearance) you show the outside world, causing people to look at you differently.

You might find yourself saying, “Hey check out my new tattoo.” or, “Yeah, that’s called a nose ring!” You may act in unexpected ways, even displaying rebellious or radical behavior, which may be disruptive and upsetting for yourself and others.

People around you may be disturbed by your behavior because it appears you’re just being a “rebel without a cause.” But you do have a cause: freedom. Your feelings of freedom, independence and wanting to change things are so strong that you’ll even break away from things which have been important to you in the past.

Be aware that your need to rebel and break free is a sign that change is necessary in your life, whether it’s in your relationships, work or other activities.

No Restrictions: My Way Or The Highway.

Any relationship, be it friendship or marriage, that has severely limited or restricted you may break-up or come to an abrupt end during Uranus’s transit of the first House.

This is an outgrowth fully concentrate on your desire to pursue your life in the direction you want to take it. If you’re a young person, this could be the time when you say: “Hey Mom and Dad, I’m moving out of the house. I want to be on my own.” It doesn’t matter if Mom and Dad don’t think you are ready to move out, because you’re “moving out!” 

People in your life may react to you in a surprised and upset way. Those who are most close to you may feel threatened by your independent and rebellious behavior.

However, you won’t be dissuaded since this is a time when you’ll likely feel confident, trust your own feelings, and certainly not be dominated or intimidated. Instinctually, you realize it’s an exciting time for you to pursue your own destiny.

You have this feeling that your life has limitless potential.

Those relationships that give you the necessary freedom you require may be changed but will still remain. Alternatively, those relationships that are restrictive will no longer be tolerated. You’ll only be satisfied with those relationships that give you the freedom to be yourself.

Annie had been married for 25 years and was always there, taking care of her family’s needs. She had worked to support her husband while he went to law school, while raising two children who were now grown.

Over the past few years she’d felt a deep need to finally be her own person, wanting the freedom to do something different with her life without being responsible or burdened to care for anyone else.

During this time, her husband focused on his career paying little attention to her needs, so she’d felt taken for granted for years.

Annie talked with her husband about her creative desire to paint once again, as she had during her college years. She tried to convey how excited she was about taking advanced painting classes at a nearby fine arts school and developing her talent for painting landscapes with water colors. Annie also explained she was bored with the routine of her life and ready to be free to do what she wanted.

At first, her husband pooh-poohed the idea, happy with the status quo, wanting her to continue in her domestic role of taking care of the house and making his meals. When she finally got angry and upset and she threatened to leave their marriage unless he took her desires seriously, he realized he’d better pay attention.

They talked seriously about the ways that she could free herself of domestic responsibilities so she could pursue her classes and interest in painting.

When I looked at her chart, it was easy to see why she was rebelling against her predictable life and boring marriage, so she could be have her freedom. Annie was in the first year of Uranus transiting her first House.

We discussed her situation and typical of Uranus’ “I’ve got to do it now,” influence, Annie was not willing to wait 12 more months for the perfect transit. If you want to conjure up—the restless and eager state of mind you may feel when Uranus is in your first House: imagine two vultures sitting on a fence.

One bird turns to the other and says: “Patience my a**, I’m gonna kill something!” Uranus brings an impatient energy that compels you to take immediate, often willful action to break free and get what you want.

I explained to her that because of Uranus’ influence, her mood and state of mind made perfect sense. However, I urged Annie to take a deep breath, be more patient and exercise some control over her immediate desire to change her circumstance.

She agreed to wait a short amount of time for a more suitable transit to change her life from a domestic wife to professional painter. The influence of Uranus brought Annie a need for liberation from her old life and it motivated her to change it, rebelling against a 25-year marriage that stifled her sense of creativity and individuality.

To some family members, it appeared she was acting a little crazy, probably just going through a midlife crisis. To her, she was gaining her liberation and pursuing an exciting new vocation of expressing herself as a painter.

Your Chance to Be a New Person Who’s Excited by Life

Uranus’s pass through the first House is also a time when you give up old habit patterns, personality characteristics and strict routines, in order to create new ways of behaving, which are more liberating. This is an exciting period where you feel alive and invigorated, feeling a sense of emotional detachment from all the old habit patterns you’re breaking away from.

You find yourself making changes, opening you up to new experiences that are only possible because you’ve broken away from routine and uninteresting elements of your life. The sense of excitement you feel brings you a new outlook on your life, which makes this an ideal time to explore activities, subjects, opportunities, or people who expose you to new perceptions and ideas that could benefit you in the future.

You’re drawn to unique ways of improving yourself, as long as they take you away from the usual and the mundane. Because you’re excited by anything innovative and ahead of its time, you may be attracted to courses and workshops in the personal growth area, or more metaphysical interests such as yoga and even astrology.

In fact, one of Uranus’s influences is to bring new, unusual, even exciting people into your life. During its passage through your first House, you often find yourself meeting new friends, even young, freedom-loving people, who provide you with stimulation and insight to help you make your discoveries. This is also a fabulous time to join organizations and get involved in causes you believe in.

Rather than being depressed, it’s a great time to feel alive and take risks you’ve always wanted to take but never have. Welcome to Uranus in your 1st House of Personality.

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