January 8, 2015

I Want to Cut Wood with You. {Poem}

"The Sunset House in southern West Virginia: built by Lilah & Nick using lumber reclaimed from a barn & windows reclaimed from junkyards." - Cabin Porn

I want to cut wood with you…

I want you to wear your well-worn denim
and cowboy boots

I want to get dirty with you…
kiss the dirt off your brow
have you lick it off my lips
and paint a dirty masterpiece
all over my body
from my inner thighs
to my fingertips

coming up only for air
and then back down again

We’ll make a fire
not with the wood we cut
but with our bodies
A fire that won’t go out
no matter how hard we try
to quench it
watering it down with
our thirsty, wandering tongues

I want to cut your kindling for you…
A delicate endeavor
as you taste the back of my neck
and my body and hands start to tremble
With anticipation

I want to smell cedar
and oak on your skin
Taste it on your lips
roll in the leaves with you
wrap you in moss
and my sweaty limbs

I want you to hold me
with your strong arms
against the bark of a large Jeffrey pine tree
Where the scent of vanilla and cinnamon
blends so deliciously
upon my tongue
As it drips
From your lips
To mine

I want to stack wood with you…
And then I want you
To make love to me there
On the wood pile
This time with the scent of manzanita and madrone
And sawdust in your hair

I want to lay there with you
until the night falls upon us
Blanketing our bodies
Warm from the fire
That burns within

I want to sleep
And wake with you there
And do it all over again…


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