February 11, 2015

Best Herbs for the Kitchen Gardner. {Infographic}


I love cooking, and I love using herbs and spices.

So, this infographic has me pretty excited. I’m not the greatest green thumb, but this seems like something even I could pull off. I’ve grown basil before, and it was a huge (literally) success. That basil plant flourished, despite my best efforts at neglect.

Personally, I’ve also had success with parsley and I’m not sure why it didn’t make the list here. But I’m very excited to start growing some of the other herbs on this list. The health benefit and flavor guide is pretty awesome too.

Growing these lovely herbs indoors means I get to cook with them and enjoy them all year long. And it’s considerably cheaper and tastier than buying herbs from the grocery store every time I want to use them, and watching them go bad before I get around to it.

Source: Fix.com



Author: Kathryn Muyskens

Editor: Travis May

Infographic from Fix.com, Christine H/Flickr

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