February 12, 2015

Multiple Orgasms: The Best Gift Yoga has Given Me.

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In my quest for spirituality through yoga, I pleasantly discovered a new side to my sexuality. Who would’ve thunk it?

For the past two years, I have been a dedicated yogini. I have been dedicated to my personal asana (physical) practice as well as exploring yoga philosophy and methodology. I have been paying particular attention to the connection between how the lessons I have learned on my mat transfers over into my daily life.

I have discovered that my mat is a mirror into myself. The challenges I come against within myself in my practice are the exact challenges I face off the mat: acceptance, perfectionism, judgement and anger.

As much as my mat has shown me my shadows, it has also shown me how to: 1) Accept my body 2) Be Present 3) Be intuitively guided 4) Accept Change.

Across the board, my life has blossomed from these learnings. But what I have found most interesting, is how what I have learned on my mat, has shown up in the bedroom. Since practicing daily yoga, my sex life has increased 200%.

I noticed that in the past two years, my sexual experiences have shifted in a major way. Without bragging, I must share that the sex I have been having (for the most part) has been absolutely mind blowing. I am talking about, you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you, amazing.

So happy and grateful for my new sexual expression, I was a bit curious as to why this shift had occurred. Don’t get me wrong, I was having great sex before. But the shift I experienced felt like my body opened, allowing me to experience and feel more. This curiosity led me to investigate at what point my body changed and why. The only reason that makes sense that sums it up: yoga.

Let me tell you how..

1) Acceptance of my body:

Yoga has taught me to accept my body in totality, including my mind and emotions. I learned to shift my perspective of seeing myself as two parts—my mind and then my body. I now see myself as a whole instead of two separate parts, with the knowledge of how one directly influences the other.

My brain controls my breath, my breath controls my mind, and my mind controls how my body responds to my life. Not only that, but I started viewing my body in awe, from how good I felt, to what my body could do, not just how it looked (which has been a big focus point for a long time). This acceptance of myself has transferred into confidence off my mat. Feeling this way about myself, feeling empowered in my body gave me a confidence that made me feel sexy, for the first time in my life, not just in the bedroom.

Confidence in the bedroom plays out a lot of different ways. For me, it allowed me to be both more adventurous, intimate and comfortable with my partner. It made discovering my own and my partner’s body, a lot more fun. If I was single, the recruitment process was much easier with my new sexy confidence.

2) Presence:

Yoga uses breathwork as a tool to anchor into the present moment. Training on my mat, learning how to actually be present, has allowed me to find presence while engaging in the bedroom. Being able to do this created more intense connections during and after intercourse. When I was with my partner, I was actually able to be with my partner fully. It meant that I was engaging and responding to every touch, kiss…This made for hotter, steamer and more intense sex.

3) Body Awareness:

On my mat, I have explored how to listen to my intuitive body. This means that I have been able to identify what I need, when I need it and how to get it. This assertiveness came through in the bedroom in being able to communicate what it is that leads to my pleasure. I was able to help navigate with my partner, to what feels best, for me, and ultimately for my partner as well.

I am now also, having multiple, multiple, multiple orgasms of all kinds… I didn’t know my body could do that!

Not only have the number of orgasms I can have increased, but also the intensity and duration of each one has increased as well! This is one of the best gifts yoga has given me.

4) Acceptance of change:

Being on my mat has made me recognize that every day, my body is different. I have realized that the only constant in life is change. Seasons change, situations change, people change, including myself, my thoughts and my body. I have come to recognize to meet the changes in myself everyday on the mat, to meet myself where I am in the now.

I learned to approach myself, my partner and the bedroom in the same way. Seeing myself with my lover as I do on my mat, I have accepted that we must greet each other, with a fresh curiosity every time. You must be attentive to each body in this exact  moment, now. Releasing old habits and routines and sticking to what you think your body enjoys, or what it is use to. It is an intense experience to just let your body feel what it feels and enjoy your partner’s connection for what it is.

As I continue to practice yoga, I anticipate that I will be pleasantly surprised with the other parallels between my mat and my life. I doubt that they will be as fun this, but I am open to it! If your sex life needs a jump start, I dare you to start practicing yoga with this as your intention. Observe what happens.


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 Author: Shauna Elizabeth

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Simply Abbey

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