February 23, 2015

The 6 Best Meaningful Mindful Moments of the Oscars.

I cover stuff for elephant. Otherwise, I likely wouldn’t have watched the Oscars, last night. I figure they’re just full of celebrity, fashion bullshit while our sweet world is drowning in hurricanes and snow and heat—global weirding—and millions are hungry, 100,000s are raped each year…well, I would have missed out.

The Oscars, last night, were relevant—thanks to a few of the productions and many of the presenters. It was a mindful mix of glory, fun and awareness.

Last night’s Academy Awards were full of pomp and circumstance. But they honored many meaningful, lower budget films that carried messages of art and heart, instead of Sequelman 4: the Explosion.

Selma was overlooked. But, this!

And, secondly, this.

And, Birdman’s director’s testament to Mexicans. “Saludos a mis compatriotas Mexicanos!”
Stay tuned for the final finally:

Fourth: this: a Beautiful moment–the second half of the Imitation Game screenwriter’s speech for all those weird and different children who might be bullied or be tempted to suicide. Well done. Suddenly, everyone’s tearing up.

And, this! So good to see it honored by mainstream. Defending true freedom! Cheers to ‪#‎citizenfour‬ ‪#‎edwardsnowden‬ And props to the ‪#‎oscars‬, epitome of mainstream commercialism, for honoring it.

And, this: And Patricia Arquette brings the Real to the Oscars, tonight. ‪#‎wageequality‬‪#‎patriciaarquette‬ ‪#‎oscars‬ And, Meryl’s reaction from the audience.


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