February 10, 2015

Oh Valentine, I will, I will. {Poem}

unchain my heart

I will

Trek deep into your woods where sun rays glisten through your trees

Unshackle the rusty chains that imprison your heart

Dive deep into your belly and swim with your vulnerabilities

Court your insecurities. Your wounds.

I will

Unearth the truth beneath the folds of your pretenses

Catch a whiff of your multidimensional goddess-ness

Perform surgery on your fears, gently removing every self-defeating thought

Break open your pain and scatter healing tears about

I will

Gently grace your lips and taste your hypnotic nectar

Intoxicate myself as I navigate your delectable frame

Inject passion into your veins, riding the waves of inebriation

Intertwine our silhouettes with unbreakable DNA strands

I will

Be a star in your constellation, reciprocating your luminosity

Facilitate an awakening, a spiritual evolutionary progression parade

Admire your soul and its infinite potential

Slow dance with the parts of you that you curse

I will

Drop love potion droplets into your bountiful bosom

Rendezvous with the essence of your femininity

Erase each sin one kiss at a time

Love gaze deep into your eyes to see the real you

Oh Valentine

I will

I will

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Author:Dominica Applegate

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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