March 31, 2015

Love like it’s All you Know. {Poem}

Tiffany Anderson article photo

Love; love my darling,
like you know only how to

love. Love as if the remnants of your shattered heart
have created more room for

love. Love in a way that vibrates
from the very essence of your being.

Love without limitations, without conditions,
do not make contracts with

love—instead let it take you
away from what holds you in stagnant tepidity. Let

love, yes—let love hold you. Let it have you,
move you and permeate everything you create; everyone you touch.

Love should coat your warm skin like water—
as it dries, prickling you with the chill of being alive.

Love is life.
To live is to love.



Author: Tiffany Anderson

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own 


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