April 24, 2015

5 Yoga Poses for Enhanced Fertility.

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Let’s play a little. Allow your imagination to kick in.

If you visualize yourself pregnant, talk to your baby in mushy ‘baby-talk’ and giggle a little.

Research has shown that the chances of pregnancy increase immeasurably when women laugh.

Feel how happy you are in that moment. Smile!

Allow your visualization to be lifelike—the more real it is, the better.


1) Put your hands on your belly and visualize your baby in womb. Take a huge deep slow breath in.

2) Breathe in deeply. Fill your belly. Keep inhaling

3) Slowly exhale with the sound of Haaaaaa ha Ha. Slowly keep releasing. Keep your hands on your belly.

4) With practice, we gain control over our minds and get back in touch with our bodies.


Researchers for a “MIRTH” study in the open access journal BMJ, showed that women who underwent fertilization treatments like in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer had a 36 percent pregnancy rate after laughing at a mock “chef-de-cuisine” clown telling jokes; whereas, those without the clown had 20 percent pregnancy rates.

Fertility, like laughter, focuses on relaxing the pelvic area, increasing blood flow, therefore reducing stress.

Doing these yoga positions will increase your odds of conceiving by helping your body open up, become more relaxed, and help center you in the present moment so that your mind isn’t wandering in all directions.

All of these benefits can absolutely add to your chance of conceiving a child.

Here are five yoga poses that may help you and your partner on your journey to parenthood:

1) Smiling Lotus Pose

We all tend to carry a lot of tension in our hip areas. For many people this pose can be quite difficult at first. The further away your feet are the easier the position is. Relax and take a deep breath. The hip area is tight and needs to be opened out so that the tension can be released.

In the Lotus Pose, your focus of the present will increase. You can use this peaceful pose to draw in what you desire, an adorable healthy baby and meditate on this goal, and relax into your thoughts.

2) Legs up on Wall

This position stimulates the pelvic region. Like a beautiful lotus flower blooms, so will you. If there’s a great way to steer those sperm towards your fallopian tubes, this is the best one I know of. Choose an unobstructed wall to perform the pose on. Use a folded blanket or bolster for support and position it five or six inches away from the wall.

Sit sideways on one end of your support, and position one side of your body against the wall. Exhale and swing your legs up onto the wall in one fluid movement, as your shoulders and head lie back lightly on the floor. Open your shoulders away from the spine. Your hands and arms should be at your sides, palms up. Keep your legs still and firm, holding them in place against the wall.

Soften your gaze. Stay in the pose for as long as you’d like (five to 15 minutes is recommended), concentrating on your breath. Gently come out of the pose and return to a sitting position.

3) Supported Bridge Pose

By raising your body into a bridge formation, you allow for your pelvic region to open and expand. Let your blood flow be increased and allow stimulation to occur to the lower part of your body.

4) Cobra Pose

This is probably one of most well-known yoga poses. The cobra pose not only opens your lungs and chest area, it also increases blood flow into your pelvic and reproductive organs.

While in cobra pose, focus heavily on your breathing and enjoy the stretching sensation as you exhale away your stagnant anxieties.

5) Seated wide angle Pose

Wide angle pose opens, stretches, and reinvigorates all of your hip and leg areas, flushing new blood into your lower regions. This pose is an invigorating way to tell your body to open up and accept that you’re ready to experience motherhood.

Talk about opening up your baby making areas!

Take a deep breath in, then relax back as you exhale with a joyous smile. Breathe in as you come up , then gently walk your hands forward as you exhale into the forward pose with a ha ha hahaaaaa…and let go.





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