April 8, 2015

Date A Girl Who Picnics.

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Date a girl (or guy) who picnics.

Though she is indisputably a woman, the six-year-old part of her is alive and well, and so she is a girl too.

This girl still giggles at knock-knock jokes and gazes tirelessly at the shape-shifting clouds in the sky. She regards lightning storms and blood moons with wonder, even though she knows exactly how they work.

She might look at you that way, too. It is the highest compliment you could receive.

Awe, she knows, is not a product of ignorance. Wonder increases with understanding.

A girl who picnics will take any excuse to celebrate—a sunny day cause for a feast; a full moon reason enough for a nighttime swim; Friday the perfect occasion for a costume party. Join her on these adventures, and she will understand that she is cause for celebration too.

Date a girl who picnics and let her prove to you that everything tastes better outside.

Sunlight renders a cheap glass of wine ruby-bright and garnet-lush. Food carried to a beautiful spot proves twice as rich as that delivered on silver platters. Flies and grass only add flavor.

Sometimes, in the end, the simplest meals taste the best.

If you ask her, this girl will talk to you about her favorite foods for hours. Listen carefully, and you will possess the cinnamon bark key to her heart.

If you know a girl who picnics, then you know already how a child’s heart and an ancient soul can inhabit the same body. Laughter and levity nourish the one, while stillness and grounding nourish the other. Picnics do both.

A girl who picnics carries a knife in her bag not for self-defense, but for unforeseen snacks.

She’ll climb one hundred steps for a better view and walk one hundred miles in search of the perfect place to set down her load. And she’ll want to know: Will you go too?

If a girl who picnics offers you her hand, take it. She will lead you to the extraordinary corners where you have already been but have not seen.

If you want to date a girl who picnics, offer her your hand and promise to take her to a new corner that she has not seen. Lay a blanket beneath a tree there, and share with her the wonder of simplicity.


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Author: Toby Israel

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

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