April 20, 2015

Date a Woman who Does what she Loves.


Date a woman who takes espresso at dusk, passion fruit cheesecake before dinner and red wine with her fish.

Date a woman who would rather hitch hike, throw her thumb out and fall into the trust of strangers—fly through green hills with white cows and pink flowers as the sun beats and the dust bellows on the back of a motorcycle in a white sun hat.

Date a woman who surfs naked in the sunlight.

Date a woman who knows she doesn’t like yoga.

Date a woman who only shaves her bush if she feels like it, not because society prefers hairless.

Date a woman who would rather tell a man she’s not interested in knowing him romantically than give him a fake number and drink his money.

Date a woman who doesn’t seek validation through the affection of others—who stands in her worth unwavering.

Date a woman who shows up on time—for it means she not only values you, but her own word.

Date a woman who orders ribs on a first date with a vegan.

Date a woman who is willing to risk—who will jump on a plane for a man she shared a smile with just to know if something is there worth keeping.

Date a woman who isn’t afraid to sing you how the song goes.

Date a woman who walks barefoot, for she loves to feel the red earth beneath 10 toes.

Date a woman who knows the importance of boundaries, and saying no—for she will have more space for that which she chooses.

Date a woman who quit her 9-5 job to fly to Africa and volunteer with elephants.

Date a woman who can’t cook, but will have someone else’s cooking ready for you after a long day.

Date a woman who buys you sunflowers when it rains.

Date a woman who went through law school and decided six months after graduating that she would rather go live in an artist residency in Italy and become a painter.

Date a woman who once broke off an engagement to give her fiancé the opportunity of someone else loving him better.

Date a woman who once slept in her ’86 Toyota Corolla and drove 30,000 kilometers across Australia, showering with melted cooler water.

Date a woman who stubbornly pursues that which makes her come alive, and nothing else.

Date a woman who gardens naked.

Date a woman who crowd surfs, sober.

Date a woman who isn’t afraid to be transparent—for she knows if a man runs away with his tail between his legs, he isn’t worth chasing.

Date a woman who is the first one to dance.

Date a woman who breathes sunshine into a room when she enters.

Date a woman who makes room for self care—for she knows she is unable to show up for herself, her work or others if she doesn’t.

Date a woman who doesn’t just speak of going to Spain and drinking more wine than water, but does.

Date a woman with a tribe of powerful sisters, for you will know her company is a mirror.


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Author: Janne Robinson

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Author’s Own 

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