April 30, 2015

How to be Delicious.

How to be Delicious

We’ve been told how to be wild, how to love ourselves and how to let go.

But have you ever been encouraged to be delicious?

Being delicious for me started a few months ago when I ended up on a nudist beach for the first time. I shed every layer of fabric and began belly-dancing butt naked to the heavens in the salty waters an hour later.

As the salt water rippled past my breasts and swung my hips up to the sky I felt as though I was making love to the ocean while praying to the Gods. It was messy, natural, indulgent and delicious.
Ever since then I’ve allowed myself to practice this new religion as much as I can in the quiet and private moments of my life.

Being delicious has given me the right to be sexual for myself alone.

It has allowed my body free reign to behave as naughtily and shamefully as it desires to. It’s given my inner child an opportunity to play with my woman. And has made me wildly eccentric in the best possible way.

Men seem to like it too.

A few ways I practice being delicious is:

Bathing by moonlight

Luna licks your body with her creamy rays and highlights your curves, begging for them to be prayed to. The way she illuminates the female figure is magical. I’ve often laid there wondering when someone will pass by and kneel before me.

Dipping my fingers in the honey pot, literally.

Nothing is more sensual, more pleasing, more healthy than sucking on your own flesh–especially when coated in liquid gold. A highly erotic ritual.

Eating mangoes in the bath.

It’s a messy and succulent business allowing the pulp to plaster itself around your jaw and drip down your throat and arms. Dig in. Dig deep. Let your carnivorous canines do the work and relax in the glory of that sticky, sugary juice pouring down your front and into a pool of bubbles.

Taking showers at 3:00 p.m, crawling in between the sheets (naked) then destroying any sign of tidiness.

Thrash around with limbs in full motion. Slither your way through the sheets like a snake and tickle your senses with its silky smoothness. Your body will be thanking you for that dose of deliciousness for hours.

Hailing the mountains, topless.

After arriving at your summit, hot and sweaty, present yourself. Allow the freshest dose of oxygen to cleanse your goosebumped skin and tickle your nipples with its kisses. Let nature’s breasts become a part of yours and honor one another’s most beautiful and delicious assets.

It is in our nature to be delicious. It is an expression of our self-love while indulging in the lusciousness of life.

Be bold.

Be daring.

Be bountiful.

Be messy.

Be sumptuous.

Be eccentric.

Be spiritual.

Be carnivorous.

Be a Goddess.

Be a God.

Encase yourself in the sensory treasures of this world and delight in them without shame or guilt.

Open your eyes to the deliciousness around you.

Then take it.

Ingest it. Lick it. Coil your limbs around it and unbutton your soul to it.

Be delicious.


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Author: Tara Mindshull

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of the author

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