April 14, 2015

How to Kiss a woman, the way she Needs to be Kissed.

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Different occasions call for different kissing methods.

And yet, every woman hopes that the next time she is kissed, she will be kissed like this.

I’m a romantic in it’s richest most organic sense. I have studied it’s imagery in my dreams and lived my life by it’s writings. I haven’t lived long enough to tell tales of seven lover’s past or to whisper the secrets of how to spellbind your beau.

But what I do know is that nothing is more sacred, more powerful to a woman than the perfect kiss. 

Not just any kiss. But to be kissed the way a woman should be, needs to be kissed.

And when that happens, we are yours.

This is not a tutorial, it is not a step by step guide.

This is a poetic code of how to enter into a spiritual space that has been practiced for centuries. To connect with a woman with a kiss, in the way it was always meant to be practiced.

This is romance at it’s best. A love affair with the tongue.

If you can master these ancient codes of ultimate sensual connection, you will have her thinking about your shared moment together for years to come.

1. Hold her like she’s everything.

Your hands are everything, they are your antennas and she can feel your pulse from the touch of

your fingers. Cup her delicate face in your paws, brush her cheek with your fingers, hold her

steady in your grasp. This is your world now, protect that sacred and shared space with your

mighty hands. They hold both of your worlds now.

2. Dance with her aura.

Don’t go straight in just yet. Hold her for a moment and look into the eyes of her soul. She will

take you to heaven and show you where to go from there. Let your body align itself to her

rhythm and play with her unique spirit dance. Caress her with your fingers, nose, cheek and

lips. Let her know you adore her every feature and honor them as much as you will honor her


3. Meet her mouth with grace.

Introduce your lips to hers softly. Let her feel the shape and suppleness of your pout against her

own. Let her stay here for a moment, locking onto your skin. See if you can feel her vibrations

pulsating delicately out out her lips and onto yours. Linger here, massaging each other with

softened bites until your tongues are primed to move.

4. Make love to her tongue.

The dance your tongue makes with hers will tell her everything.

Are you listening to her?

Are you dancing to the same dance?

Are you taking her on a journey to heaven with your subtle and delicate twists and turns?

There is no “right” way to move here, as long as you are in tune with her. The feel of your tongue is a miracle to her. You are entering into her and she into you for potentially the first time.

Taste her.

Massage her.

Suck in her nectar and pour into her your strength.

Let her take you in, and feel as she reaches back for more.

5. Don’t stop.

The passion, if true, will only intensify. So keep moving, keep going. Let the fire that moves

your tongue move your hands, your fingers, your hips, your thighs and your mind. Let your

limbs and their finer features hurricane around her until there is nothing else left in this world

except you both. Locked. Energies united and massaging one another in waves. Heaving and delicious. Nothing else will exist, only you.

Your kiss. It is everything.


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Author: Tara Minshull

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr


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