April 27, 2015

Still My Breaking Spine.


Still My Breaking Spine.

Still my breaking spine,
Past the upper ceilings of darkness,
The cranial chambers of light,
The growing wings that embrace
These calm and gentle universes.

Still my breaking spine,

Past the serpent’s sleep,
The withering ice of winter’s thaw,
The laws that bind these bones to earth
And knot the hairs that hold us here.

Still my breaking spine,

Still as the silence that lifts in intervals,
From harmony to harmony and back again,
To scale the mountain that rises in flight,
By the echo of God’s infinite refrain.

Still my spine,

Awake and rising,
Serpent of the warm breeze,
Quiet of the desert night,
Tranquil pillar reaching for the sun,

Still my breaking spine.



If Chance Should Find Us on Opposite Ends of the Universe. {Poem}


Author: Theo Horesh

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Deviant Art

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