April 28, 2015

The Ready Teacher. {Poem}

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The Ready Teacher

Teacher, your feet landed on my mat
so ready to diffuse my resistance and infuse your spirit
so willing to define form and refine pose

Teacher, your feet landed onto this space
so ready to bless my struggle and stress your lesson
so prepared to fold body and mold frame

Teacher, your feet landed at this doorstep
so ready to release my doubt and inspire your student
so prepared to appease aches and ease posture

Teacher, your feet entered into my world
so ready to honor my vulnerability and share your message
so prepared to embrace distraction and face the now

Teacher, your feet crossed this threshold
where struggle
and doubt
and vulnerability step aside
to allow my spirit to merge with the breath
to allow my inspiration to open the heart

Because of you, yoga shows me the way
to shine
to be myself
to be alive
Thank you Teacher. I am ready. I am willing. Namaste




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Author: Rita Abdallah

Editor: Travis May

Photo: courtesy of author

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