April 25, 2015

The “You are Beautiful” Project. {Stunning Nude Photos by Jade Beall, Video}

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Please join me in sharing the work of photographer Jade Beall as she makes way for women to stand proud in their beauty. Her “You Are Beautiful” campaign can be viewed in the video below, and is empowering women worldwide.

We’ve been told what real beauty is for far too long. Real beauty is represented by every real woman out there. The “Standard” is broken. We shall love ourselves for who we are, not for what we’ve been manipulated into believing by others.

Thank you Jade, for your insight and courage, and also, the courage and self -love of the women in your photos. Bravo!


Love me As I am

When I was born, my mama cried tears of joy.

She told me I was beautiful,

She fed me love and kind words, I saw myself through the image reflected in her eyes.

But not everyone was like my mama, not everyone saw my light.

I was too big, too skinny, too gay, too different…

My color was all wrong.

The stretch marks on my stomach and breasts were unsightly to my partner,

and porn has taken him far away from me.

I grew old and wrinkled, a younger woman took my place.

I lost my shine, my beautiful mama’s, “you can do anything you want to” shine.

I want to love me.

I want to feel what my mama made me feel.

But no matter how deep I dig, my dignity is deeper than I can reach.

Love me, love me, love me, I cry to myself!

Love me as I am.

If I cannot look in the mirror, if I cannot stand my own reflection,

How will I stand proud in the world?

Who will stand beside me and point out what I can no longer see?

Who will photograph what I want to love about myself?

Love me, show me…..I can be beautiful again.


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Author: Monika Carless

Editor: Renee Jahnke

Images: Jade Beall

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